Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My day

  • Kids at school were good, but active.
  • Stomach rebelled and felt upset despite the Seabands.
  • Drank hot chocolate. Spilled it on my white shirt.
  • Called a parent for a conference. Good kid, no worries.
  • Drove child and self home.
  • Made out grocery list.
  • Let kiddo play for a while. Played with kiddo for a while.
  • Looked at watch- close to 4:30- went grocery shopping.
  • Got to the store. Let kid play on playground in mall for a few.
  • Got kid into grocery cart. Battles began.
  • Four sets of "You hurt my feelings," later, out to the car.
  • Talk on the phone with Aaron, trying to calm down myself and son.
  • Son throws pen and paper on ground.
  • I put son rather unceremoniously in his car seat.
  • Grocery cart attendant collecting carts says, "Someone seems tired," and I snap:
  • Made pizza at home. Ate a banana
  • Played with the kid.
  • Bathed the kid.
  • Got the kid in bed.
  • Made cherry jello.
  • Watched M*A*S*H.
  • Day is done.


Misfit Hausfrau said...

I keep getting the , "You HURT me!" in public, when I haven't even touched her!!!!

sarah cool said...

hahahahahhaa - they know how to MILK it for all its worth, don't they... I loved this day, Jenette - you are such a great mom, and I love hearing about it! "YOU HURT MY FEELINGS!" hahahahahaha... "YOU DON"T KNOW THE HALF OF IT."