Monday, November 28, 2005

One busted radiator, two crying kids, an a mommy with her feet up.

We were in the car today after school. Heading to Target, two kids in the backseat (Ethan and the neighbor friend whom we take to and from school), raining roads, and typical mall traffic. Was NOT on the cell phone, and even if I were, I would have been on my head set. I disticntly remember that I was telling the kiddos what we were going to do in Target, and that when we got home, they were both going to rest, since neither of them took a nap at preschool. I comprehended that the person in front of me was slowing down, since the light was red. I recall putting on my brakes, and then realizing that I wouldn't be able to stop in time. I recall yelling "Oh Sh*t!" (I know, not the best reaction, forgive me!) and then we slammed into the car in front of me.

The first thing I did was hop out of the car to check on the kiddos. Thankfully both were fine, though Ethan said his neck hurt. The driver of the other car came and checked on us, then called the police on his cell phone. We smiled at each other and commented on the nasty weather. We both climbed back into our cars. I noticed that mine was whining terribly. So I got back out and looked at the front of the car. Hmmm.... the front plastic fender part was hanging funny. And as I pulled it back, I noticed that the radiator was strangely out of place. Yeah. So I opened the hood to make sure that the engine hadn't shifted due to the huge dent in the radiator. Everything appeared to be ok, so I hopped back in the car.

My neck and back started to feel stiff almost immediately. And then I started to feel pain in my lower abdomen. So naturally, I did what any two and a half month pregnant woman would do. I started to panic a little. And cry. And then the policeman knocked on my window. He checked on the kids, and asked if I was ok. I told him I was a bit sore, and pregnant and worried. So he called the squad. Who came and wanted to take me to the hospital. But I didn't want to worry the kiddos. So I said I would drive myself. Then the man in the car in front of me came back, and said that he was a doctor, and that my baby was probably just fine. And to remember that these were cars, not people, and that the important thing was that we were all ok. I cried some more.

Called Aaron. Took myself and kiddos to the ER.

Kiddos ok. I've got minor whiplash. I'm now cramping, and standing up is painful. The nice and cute ER doctor said there's nothing they can do pregnancy wise, except to advise me to keep my feet up for the night and for a day or so. "Whatever will happen will happen, at this point." And he's right. The first trimester is a waiting game no matter what. Thankfully, I'm not bleeding. But if I start, then I have to go back to the hospital. Otherwise, I see my OB in a day or so, do an ultrasound to make sure that everything is ok inside.

So, feet up, vicodin for pain, and lots of cheese puffs to soothe the overactive worry gland. :)


ConcernedCitizen said...

I'm very glad you and the kids are ok.

Jenette said...

thanks concernedcitizen. :)

Martiel said...

oh my! I am glad to hear everyone in the car is fine...Dear Lord, I pray for the Baby and that you had your healing hand protecting her belly, the baby will be fine through this minor car accident. I pray for a healthy outcome and thank you lord for watching over Jenette and the kids, along with the other driver in his car, that he is well too. Amen.

sarah cool said...

Jenette!!!!!! I am praying for you, sister!!!!!!!!!! Love you tons.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Ack Jenette! I just read your post! I hope you are feeling OK.

Keep those feet up and switch to choclate. Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better!

In all seriousness, please relax. It will be fine.

Anonymous said...

what a day! praise God that all are okay! i will keep you lifted up the next couple days! i am sure you will be fine ;)

peace. heidi <><