Friday, December 02, 2005


Why is it that when someone else is working with my child, they get so much better of results than we do? Today Hethan went to Physical Therapy ( mommy taught him how to walk) and he did SO many things for the PT! Now, if I try to get him to do these things at home, in just as fun of a manner, he looks at me like I've sprouted three extra heads. Sheesh.

And, when we're at the PT, why on earth can he put on his OWN socks, but if I try to get him to do it at home, he refuses!! Same with shoes! Come on!

And why is it that he's STARVING when it's 5 pm and I'm trying to fix dinner and NOT puke... but if I tell him Daddy's coming home (at 6) and is going to take him to Chipotle, he can wait forever to eat?

AND! why can he play unassisted for 30 minutes if Daddy's in charge, but not for 5 minutes if I'm around?

And, how can he come home from 'potleche stuffed with cheese and black beans, and still steal my salami and cheese? Don't touch a pregnant woman's food!

And I think that's it.


Ashley said...

'cuz he loves his mommy and wants her attention all the time!

Why's he doing PT?

Jenette said...

doing PT because Mommy taught him to walk on his toes... and now he needs help to correct that. It's my fault.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Ashley's right. He wants you all to himself doing for him all the time!

Ashley said...

cuz mommy walks on her toes? (in her heels) ;)

Anonymous said...

ah, my mom still ponders those same things and my sister (amber) is beginning to as well!!! ha! you are in my prayers and i love reading your blog now that i figured out how to check these things :) love you! heidi <><

sarah cool said...

i loooooove these pictures! so adorable!! :) :)

M&Co. said...

Uh. I thought they did that crap to annoy us and drive us crazy? No?