Friday, December 16, 2005

Kindred Spirits

Did you ever have one of those friends with whom you just CLICKED immediately? I have a few of those, in addition to my friends whom it took me a while to find my groove with, ya know? Tonight I had the pleasure of spending time with one of those kindred spirits. If you've read Anne of Green Gables, then you know what a kindred spirit is. If you haven't read it, then get to it. :)

Sarah Cool and I went to see the Chronicles of Narnia tonight. Now, Sarah and I don't see much of each other, but I am a faithful reader of her blog and we post in the same circles on a bulletin board system. I love her so much, and think she's just grand. Check out her blog and you'll laugh so hard sometimes you have to run for the bathroom before you pee your pants. Other times, you just say, "Oh. Wow," because she's got something incredibly intense on there. Needless to say, I enjoy her writing. She's a natural born story teller.

Anyhow, back on topic. Tonight, we went to the movies. Now, she was all good, and not snacking. Yeah. I got popcorn, twizzlers, and water. And carried them all to our seats. And managed NOT to spill or unbalance myself. The previews came on. Sarah and I giggled and whispered during most of them (but yes, we shut up when the main attraction came on, gimme SOME credit) and I still managed NOT to spill the popcorn or the twizzlers or the water. Until I shifted position. And spilled over half of my large popcorn (Yes, it was ALL for me).As I tried to rescue what I could of the popcorn that had not touched the floor, Sarah was laughing at me. We pushed it gently over with our feet, so we wouldn't keep crunching it, and at the same time, decided to take out our camera phones to take a picture of it. Yeah. We're such geeks. Or kindred spirits. Add that to the fact that we both have flip phones and were discussing how thrilled we were to just be able to take out our phones and say, "look, it flips!" Yeah.

So anyhow. Narnia is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. Fabulous acting. Great everything. Obviously I am NOT a film critic, so can it just suffice to say that I liked the movie? It was intense in a few spots, and there were about two times that I almost wet my pants from surprises (nasty wolves) but really really really good. Don't you agree, Sarah Cool? :)


Ashley said...

Yummy popcorn-
Yay for having the coolest phone ever ;) (since we have the same one)

sarah cool said...

This was the best thing I have ever read! You are so sweet, my kindred spirit! When I find a moment to sit down and think, I will write about this weekend! You're the best, Jenetter!!

sarah cool said...

And I'm still laughing about how fast you made it to the bathroom and back! That is some MOMMY speed you have going on!!!

Martiel said...

Great movie, I thought too. I saw it last Sat. with Andrew. The Lion was my favorite. Andrew thinks The lion is also the professor in the mansion, when he is not in the wardrobe? I had not seen it that way untill he pointed it out?

I read the books in 3rd grade, and never made that connection. Andrew never read the books, sees the movie, and says that the old man is the Lion. Andrew is a sharp tack.

Chad Burdette said...