Friday, June 09, 2006


Have my cats gone crazy???? I've written before about Cici, my anti social, hair nuzzling cat. And Carl, the shy not so bright cat. And of course, there's Joe, sweet, smart, purry and furry Joe.

Today. Joe. Peed. On. My. Bed. Right. In. Front. Of. Me. Then he got in one of my big plants, and started digging around. Knocked dirt all over. (still haven't cleaned that up....)

And Carl has been chasing invisible things. Not that that's altogether weird, since he is a bit on the slow side. But still, it's kinda freaky. And the two of them have been racing in the hallway at 3 am for the last week. Very disturbing when one is trying to get back to sleep after waking up for the second or third time that night.

And Cici!! She's walking around, rubbing up against people. Well, Aaron at least. And mrowing. And rolling on the floor. And begging for cuddles. Cici!!!

Anyhow. I'm befuzzled. Add to that my conversation with Ethan, which is recorded in my Healing Moments blog, and I'm just sitting here. Wondering what will happen next. Oh yes. I have to do laundry. Since Joe. Peed. On. My. Bed!!!


Chad Burdette said...

Cats are evil!

Chris said...

Have your cats gone crazy? Cats are by nature crazy - they haven't gone anywhere!

You need to name one of them Bucky now.

Shannon Wagers said...

CiCi looks demonic. I 'll be taking some meds before I come tothe cat-house.

sarah cool said...

flora has been a little wacky - very needy. she, um, also threw up in TWELVE spots around my house on Friday. I was like "holy vomit!" for crying out loud. hopefully she ate that giant scary bug and that is what made her throw up. she's okay now, she seems to have recovered. so gross!!