Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm Lovin' It!

Yeah, not McDonald's or whatever that slogan goes to.

I'm lovin summer! Yeah, I'm a geek. Not only do I watch spelling bees (Yay to my friends who are geeks like me! And Misfit, they were so freshfaced!) but I make up a schedule for the Hethan and I. Now, not a hugely structured schedule. But the kiddo knows that after we get dressed, we go to the Y to work out or swim. And he knows that when we finish lunch, we're gonna read or color together. No times, I can't stick to times. But a general order of things, yes. And I worked up a chore chart for Hethan and for myself. Because I'm a bit of a geek that way. Yep. In fact, here's a copy of our schedule. Except the pictures wouldn't work. And I'm too lazy to get them to work. Trust me, though, there's cute clip art for the Hethan.

Daily Schedule
Get Dressed
Go to Y and/or run errands
Play outside
Eat lunch
Read books, color, etc.
Nap time
Outdoor play
Computer time

I won't post our chore charts. That would just be going over the top. Plus, Aaron's not thrilled with my chore chart. Something about supposed to be relaxing this summer, blah blah blah.

I spent the evening with my Bible Study girls. They are so contagious. By the end of the evenings, I was as ADD as they seem to be. At one point, I was trying to spit my pen out at Lisa. But I didn't have enough hot air to make it to her.Surprising, I know. And then we played in the backyard for a few minutes. Let me tell you, the Hethan thinks that all of those high school girls are HIS! He's quite enamored with them. Two in particular. (Lisa and Morgan, watch out, he likes older women!)Anyhow, they bring out the teenager in me, as well as the protective older sister. It's all good.

Tomorrow. Summer. Happiness.


Emily said...

I think you have too much teacher in you! But I love you anyway.

Kris said...

that sounds wonderful. i'm glad you are enjoying your summer! looks like a beautiful day for anything outside.

sarah cool said...

THis series made me think of you! You are such a good mom. :-)

Morgan said...

ethan has me enamoured/enamored, too... haha lol jk. he's a cutie pie, though.