Sunday, June 18, 2006

Racing Mind

I tried to go to sleep about an hour ago. But instead of sleeping, I simply laid there and watched the trees blow in the breeze. After two trips to the bathroom, I finally decided that it would be better to get up and put some of my thoughts on paper. Or on a screen, as the case may be.

This is a busy week for me. Monday is nice and free, but from Tuesday, it takes OFF. I have one to three things on the calendar for every other day. Doctor's appointments, counseling, hair cuts, mommy outings, Bible Study, you name it, I've got to do it this week.

On Friday, I have been invited to two events, both of which seem like they'd be fun. A Pampered Chef party (which is tempting me beyond belief, Misfit) and a pool party hosted by Emily (which is also tempting beyond belief). And I haven't decided about either one, for one big reason.

This Friday is June 23. I was due with Henry on June 23. Most of the time, that's an ok thought. But tonight, it really isn't. Actually, for about a week, it really hasn't been. However, when one is on Zoloft (which I'm not happy about, but continue to take it anyhow)it's easy not to feel a whole lot.

But anyhow. This is Hormone Week for me. Which seems to block the effectiveness of Zoloft. Which means that I feel far more than I would like to right now.

And there is so much to do, time is passing so quickly.

We're going to Vermont over July 4th. Looking forward to it! I'll get to see my friend Melissa and her family. I cannot wait. I need my Mel time. Desperately. But we still have to plan the trip. It involves lots of travel and perhaps some camping. And July is coming just around the corner!

Then there's the whole job thing. I don't want to go back to a full time job in the fall. I really don't. But I feel badly about not contributing economically to the household. I think this is one of those things that I'm going to have to deal with before I decide whether or not to return to teaching in the fall or not. Sigh.

Ok. Off to update Healing Moments, which is far more suited for my mood tonight.


sarah cool said...

Hey girl.... I am sorry I forgot to call at the game - by the time I remembered, the game was almost over (and boy, did that ending suck!). It was hotter than hades, wasn't? It was a good game, but I was pretty miserable, temp wise. Sigh!!! Hope you had fun, sister! Love you.

Cmommy said...

Holding you up in prayer this week~~hugs, C