Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sanity, sweet Sanity

I woke up this morning at 6 am, gagging, dry heaving. I've never done that before. It was an odd way to wake up, let me tell you.

Needless to say, I didn't feel great. Nothing that I could put my finger on, but after being awake for about 45 minutes and heading to the bathroom three times, I decided I might not be healthy enough to chase after twins today. So I called the mom of the twins I watch and let her know I was sick. Then I remembered that Ethan had a field trip today that I was supposed to go on. Oh dear.

I went on the field trip. I wasn't very coherent or much fun---- even though the porta potties at the field trip were gross and smelly, and normally I refuse to use them---- I had to use them at one point. Ick ick ick. I may have nightmares tonight.

We got home, Ethan took a two hour nap, and I collapsed on the couch for at least 90 minutes. When I became aware of the world again, I realized that I had to sub tomorrow for a high school classroom. And I had nothing to wear. I have casual clothes and church clothes. So I knew a trip to Motherhood was in store for Ethan and I. Thank the good Lord for Auntie Anne's pretzels-- they keep four year old boys happy, and mommies too. And if it is any indication of how I feel/felt, I DID NOT get myself a pretzel, or share my child's.

As we're walking through the mall, I caught sight of this girl passing by and my immediate thought was "Huh, she's cute." And then I realized that it was me, in a mirror. It was all within a split second time span, but still. Aaron cracked up when I told him this story. I don't realize what my body looks like some days. I forget that my hair is shoulder length and that my tummy is most definitely curved. Really, it was seeing my kid with the cute girl that clued me in to the fact that I had just walked by a mirror! :):)

I had Aaron take a photo of me, because as I scoured the computer for one of me, I realized that I have NONE! Lots of Ethan, the cats, friends, and various other things that make no sense to me (my child is a budding photographer-- he often takes pictures of his hand, up close, so you get this intensly reddish picture with interesting shades of peach) but none of myself. So enjoy my just showered, newly jammied self, with my curved tummy and shoulder length hair. Maybe I'll recognize myself the next time I pass a mirror. :)


Anonymous said...

are you sure your hair is not blonde? I think I might have peed my pants if I was with you when you did that!! Love ya!

Cmommy said...

Cute, cute, cute! I wish I'd taken more pictures of my pregnant self. I don't have any of my belly when pregnant, bare. Bummer!--'cause it ain't ever gonna happen again!

Are you feeling better? Chrissy

Anonymous said...

all your life I have been trying to tell you that you are cute! but then you said you didn't WANT to be CUTE!you wanted to be sophisticated, suave and "pretty". some day you will listen to your mother????:):) love ya daughter, Mom