Thursday, December 07, 2006

White Death and Other Things

Alas, White Death hit us today. Yes, the dreaded white cold stuff that comes down from the sky and paralyzes us with fear. Traffic stops, people stock up on food, schools close... all for a dusting of snow.

Only today, I can't make fun of people for fearing White Death. It was seriously bad out there, what with the ice under the White Death. So bad, in fact, that I was involved in a minor fender bender. IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! The truck behind me rear ended me. Ethan and I are ok, Steak Diane seems to be ok, and my car only has a small crack in the back bumper--- though I will be going to get the underneath checked out. The truck that hit me was a diesel, probably like a F150... I was a little shaken up. Even though we were going slow, there could still be damage underneath my car.

And yes, I called my doctor to let him know I had been in an accident. Actually, I called my sis in law, to see if I should go in. I knew if I didn't call her, she'd be mad at me. Considering that I took a good fall the night before Thanksgiving and landed on my stomach, and she got VERY upset with me for not going to the hospital with that one, I figured it was just a good thing to call her today. She was working, so she talked to my dr. for me! :)

My house is officially decorated. Yeah, we don't go overboard here at the casa de us. Lights, pointsettias, ornaments, nativity scene... that's about it. Oh and stockings, and the tree, when we get it. Sometime soon. Because I'm ready for the tree. Really ready. I'm actually ready for a fake tree, but that ain't happening any time soon, not as long as I'm married to Mr. Traditional Way Is Best man.

The outside is decorated too. But simply, not like this light display. No elf puke for us, thank you.

I was Elfed tonight. One of my friends put my face on Will Ferrel's dancing Elf. It was amusing. Aaron said disturbing. I choose to think amusing, thank you!

My house is pretty. My house smells good. I've been simmering cinnamon water all evening--- hydrates the house and makes it smell purtiful. It also makes Aaron crave cinnamon pie crust rolls. Not happening tonight, buster! :)

I'm in an odd mood. Very odd. Hmmm....Is it an amusing mood? Or a dry mood? Or a musing kinda mood? Perhaps just a tired mood?

Sarah Cool, I miss you.

Mindy Mae, you light up my life, you incredibly competent woman, you! Go woman!

Mellie, I've been thinking about you lately... you get your glucose test in another two weeks, right? I did mine yesterday. Ick.

Kelly, am I giving you enough opportunity to procrastinate? Shall we plan a get together sometime in January? We'd love to hang out with your and Ben before Steak Diane makes her appearance... :)

Bryan, I thought of something I wanted to tell you the other day-- what was it??? OH YEAH!! One of the attorneys that Aaron works with--- he's NEVER seen a Bond movie all the way through!!!!! Oh, and ditto for the sentence about getting together that I put in Kelly's shout out. Only, I'd prefer to see you and Jamie, not you and Ben, you understand??? :)

Hmmm.... I think that's enough for now.

Odd mood takes me to bed to read terrible first novels of authors that I really like. Perhaps it is the immature writing and tones in this novel that has me in an odd mood. Or the persistent dizziness that I'm experiencing right now.... :):)


Chris said...

What?! No shout-out?! I'm hurt!

Just kidding. Sorry to hear about your fender bender. I'm glad everyone's ok though. I hope there's no more damage on the car.

Ok, I'll see you guys on sunday. Later


Kelly said...

Yes, you are definitely giving me enough time to procrastinate :) You allowed me to put off work for a good 15 minutes! -and Yes we should get together soon! I will talk to Ben and give you guys a call. Jan. should be a really good time :)

Bryan said...

There is some=thing wrong with that. Actually I think Jamie was the same way.
I understand, I know we are pretty busy at least through Christmas, but will touch base with you when we get my work schedule for afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Steak Diane?? I don't know about that one....I mean we've had TyDbowl, Heathen and what was Alex....Lex or Zander or something else I forget...but Steak. We need to work on that.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

How do you 'simmer cinnamon water'??? I'm totally intrigued....
Is it as simple as it sounds, or is there some trick I should know before I try it? I have never heard of this before!
Glad you guys are OK, getting rear ended is a pain...literally.

Anonymous said...

I miss you too, check your email. :) Give Steak Diane a pat for me.

Cmommy said...

I am so glad that you and baby are OK! The ice finally melted here today...not soon enough for me to avoid falling twice; 'flat on your back' is not just an expression! :-)

Chad Burdette said...

No white death here yet