Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nap Times Are Great!

So I haven't made The Pantless Jedi take a real nap in a few months. It takes him forever to fall asleep at night if he's had a nap during the day. But by about 5.30 pm, he's cranky, obstinate, and just not nice to be around. Therefore, I made a decision. He needs a nap a few days a week. We have a schedule with Starbuck now, so I decided to coordinate nap times.

The Pantless Jedi slept for a little over an hour. Starbuck slept for forty minutes. I slept for about 30. We all napped in mine and Aaron's bedroom. TPJ on Aaron's side of the bed, surrounded by "the club" (all of his little animals and two fleece blankets) Starbuck slept in her cradle, and I snuggled with Joe the cat on my side of the bed. Starbuck farted so loudly that I woke up--- which was probably a good thing since I was apparently drooling all over my pillow.

And now, TPJ is eating an ice cream sannich--- the child ate ALL of his lunch with no fusses. Therefore, I decided to praise him and surprise him with an ice cream sannich for snack. The child loves ice cream sanniches. It's the only time he'll willingly ingest something chocolate (other than chocolate milk). He's in a happy mood. I'm in a good mood. Starbuck is back asleep in her swing, after eating and smiling for a while.

I think we'll go for a bike ride this afternoon. It's about 60 degrees, cloudy--- perfect outdoor weather for two fair people like myself and TPJ. Starbuck doesn't care--- she's in her stroller and moving. The child is happy as long as she's on the go. If you're in the car with her, notice how she's happy while the car is moving, but starts to scream as soon as the car stops. Instantly. I hate traffic lights. Seriously.

Starbuck grows cuter daily. I will post some pictures on here shortly--- meaning before the end of the week.

Ok. Starbuck is grunting. Wonder if she's gonna fart again. :) hehehehe. Guess I'll go pick her up and strap her into the stroller for the outing!

Sarah Cool--- I'm soooo EXCITED about seeing you tomorrow! Check your email!

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