Sunday, May 13, 2007


As some of you may have figured out by now, The Pantless Jedi is slightly obsessed with Star Wars. He even pretends that he is married to Queen Amidala, which makes him King Amidala. We ponder the nature of Boba Fett. We discuss where Mace Windu lives. We can score a 10/14 on the Star Wars trivia quiz in the back of the Star Wars Party Planning book that I got from the library.

His cousin, Alex, who we could call TPJ2, because he would gladly spend all day in his underwear with a light saber, is equally obsessed. They spend, literally hours, poring over their Star Wars books together, discussing, playing, plotting, and planning. It is all quite amusing and a teensy bit disturbing. They both have superb imaginations-- TPJ's has soared since the introduction of Legos and Star Wars. TPJ2 has always been very verbally proficient and imaginative. Between the two of them, it's amazing.

They're planning, at ages 4 and 5, to make new Star Wars games. They plan on going to college to learn how to do this. TPJ says that when he's older, he'll get married and live next door to Aaron and I and we can come over and play the new games with him and his wife.

So, tonight, we were doing the bedtime routine, which consists of book, made up story telling, and prayers. Then some cuddling. I asked, "When Alex comes to spend the night next week, will you two be able to sleep in the same bed?" (TPJ has a full size bed.) TPJ replies,"Sure! He and Princess Leia (that's his wife, Mommy) can sleep with me and Queen Amidala. But me and Queen Amidala are in charge. It's our bed."

Side splitting laughter ensues. Of course our son doesn't get the finer nuances of his statement, for which I am GRATEFUL!!! :):) But oh, what a giggle for Mommy and Daddy!


Kris said...

your posts about TPJ and star wars crack me up. I wonder if we will pass on our star wars addiction to our kids, or if they will think we are wierd...hmmm...they will probably think we are wierd either way ;)

Amber said...

LOL...thinking about marriage already??? LOL That's cute!

I am tagging you...check my blog to see what to do next.

Queen Elaine said...

That is SO adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose 4 y/o son is just as crazy about Indiana Jones. These little guys are too cute, aren't they? Kathy I.

sarah cool said...


Alex said...

Ricky has loved starwars since "oh, before he was born" ;)

Anytime he sees the 20th century fox splash screen and hears that music he gets all excited that a starwars movie is starting.

Kris said...

SO DO I!!! (and nice quote ;)

Queen Elaine said...

C'mon know we're all waiting to read a blog about MNO! You could title it T&A, B&B or "I got the squirts" hehehehehe

I'm so bad! Ha!