Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ramblin On

Women of Faith was superb, as usual. I got to hear Max Lucado speak! And Dr. Henry Cloud! And of course, all of the Women of Faith! I'll write more about it later--- it usually takes me a while to process something enough to write about it.

There's a grape stem stuck between the 2 and W keys on my keyboard. Just thought I'd let y'all know that.

TPJ has a fever. I'm a bad mom-- I didn't take him TOO seriously yesterday when he said that his head and eyes hurt--- he only said this after I mentioned that we were taking Starbuck to the dr. to get the rash on her face checked out. (She has baby acne and eczema.) So when TPJ coughed at the dr's office and said that his throat hurt, the dr. looked at his throat and pronounced it normal. Off we went to Meijer to get some hydrocortizone for Starbuck and some Claritin for TPJ. By the time we got out of there (about 45 minutes later) TPJ was running a fever. Got him home, took his temp-- 103. Yeah. I suck.

I planted Mohawk vibernium today! And shoveled soil conditioner on part of my flower bed--- the part that needs to be tilled. Figured I would work the soil conditioner in when I till the bed. I dug up thistles today too. Raked out a flower bed. Wound up the garden hose. Sweated a lot. Felt oh so good! Now I just have to figure out where I want to plant my Magnolia tree! Front side yard? Back yard? Other side yard? Decisions!

My hair keeps doing this flippy thing. So annoying.

The dandelions have been mowed down. I've been fixated on the massive influx of dandelions that we have in our yard. Seriously, they're an obsession. If you don't understand OCD, then you'll never understand how much the dandelions bother me, nor will you understand what a feat it is for me to NOT go out and buy weed controller and a spreader--- things that just AREN'T in the budget--- to take care of the dandelions. It makes me physically sick and mentally nervous to see the dandelions rearing their globe heads!

TPJ wants to play I SPY on the computer. Better let him, before he infects me with whatever it is he has!

Oh, and today is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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