Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This blog is public, I'm well aware of that. I want it to be public. I enjoy writing--- both for myself and for an audience. But there are times that I get a "naked" feeling when I'm writing in this thing.

You know, ANYONE could read this thing. People I know. People I don't know. People I want to know. People I don't want to know. Crazy people. Sane people. (I'm starting to feel like Dr. Suess)

So anyhow, right now I feel exposed, I feel naked. I feel vulnerable. I've just discovered that more people read my blog than I knew about--- and here I write some pretty interesting things! (Em, I'm keeping the diaphram story outta the blog--- hehehe) (Don't ask. I'm NOT going to write about it. Seriously.)

Why is it that my son is a bottomless pit EVERY hour of the day, except for meal time? I even limit snacks just so that he'll eat. Sigh.

I have a slight summer cold right now. Doesn't make me happy. It's not bad enough to be "sick," just bad enough to be annoying. Oh well. Such is life, right?

I'm going to Georgia next week!!!!! I haven't been since Kara was 2 months old, way too long!!! This whole running a business in my house makes it hard to just get up and go! I'm so incredibly homesick. Hey, April, I need to call you! ;-) Mama said she already talked to y'all, so you know. :)

Don't forget to play the trivia game!!!!! Too much fun! So far, I'm winning! HA! LUCK!


Queen Elaine said... tend to feel naked and exposed most MNO's too.....but maybe that's because you are! *titter, giggle, titter*

You know, I don't understand why people log on here anonymously. Hmm...wonder what they have to hide? Even if you don't have an account, you can sign your name in the comments.

Jenette said...

Yes, well... naked and exposed at MNO is totally different. At least last time, it was just my butt! HA!

I should abolish anonymous comments, but I have some friends who comment anonymously, but sign their names. I prefer to know who is commenting, but you know... to each their own, right?

Rachel said...

go read my response to your "concern" shall we say ...


Anonymous said...

I use "anonymous", but I always sign my name. I guess I'm just too lazy to sign up for an account. Sorry! I'm happy for you that you get to go home for a visit. Have a great time if I don't see you before you leave!!
Kathy I.

A. Friend said...

Must be nice to be able to be so open about things going on in your life ...

wish I could