Thursday, July 12, 2007

When You Wish...

upon a chicken wishbone....

So, TPJ wished that Peter would be good. And whaddya know, this week, Peter made MUCH better choices. Of course, the teacher in me came out, and I made up reward and discipline charts. Yeah, it made a difference. Nothing like good old behaviour modification and management!

Our a/c is now fixed. Life is good. Well, at least cooler. I can now put on my socks at night, after I moisturize my feet! It was too hot to do that. I hate sweaty feet, ya know?

I'm so tired right now. I can't get Starbuck on a good sleeping pattern at night. She went from sleeping for 7 hours to sleeping for 3. I'm beat. I was talking to neighbors who have 7 month old twins. Their twins are sleeping for 10 hours straight. They're on formula. They said that their first child never slept that well, and she was exclusively breast fed. All of my friends babies are sleeping through the night, and they're all on formula.

Of course this discourages me, as my goal is to make it to 6 months for breastfeeding. But in the back of my mind, this little voice keeps saying "Switch to formula and you'll get a decent night's sleep--- especially since if you switch, Aaron can feed her in the night." Which, he can feed her anyhow, since I pump milk. So that voice isn't entirely truthful. And when we tried formula, the poor girl had a tummy ache ALL night long. I don't want to put her through that again. Really.


I have to go to the dr. tomorrow. My tendons hurt after I exercise. Yes, I stretch. But they hurt to put my heels down, and since I had to have my tendons lengthened when I was 3, I'm gonna get this checked out. It's so bad that when I get up to walk after sitting down, I feel like I'm crippled and like my tendons are being ripped apart. Aaron kept suggesting that I call the dr. When they started to hurt like that, I figured maybe he was right. :)

I'm trying to think if there's anything funny that's happened lately. OH! My friend, Mellie, who lives 16 hours away and is my breastfeeding guru, called me today. Starbuck had been on a nursing strike, and I called Mellie earlier in the week, nearly in tears. She called today to check up on us. She said, "It's your Breast Friend, Mel." I cracked up. It was terrific. Get it?

I'm trying to find some simple knit tank dresses, or t shirt dresses. Anyone know where I can find some for cheap? You'd think they'd be easy to find. Maybe I should commission a friend to make them for me. But none of my friends have any more time than I do. Dilemmas.

"Whenever I eat a popsicle, I feel dirty inside, Mommy." This from TPJ, as he hands me the rest of his popsicle. Fortunately, I feel no such thing when I eat a popsicle! HA!


New Mexico Reader said...

All 4 of my children were formula fed (unfortunately), and they only started sleeping through the night (6-7 hours straight) when they were all between 12 months and 18 months. I think that it all depends on the kids (and whether the parents were good sleepers as babies) I think it is all genetic!

Mellie said...

Baby humans are helpless creatures. They are not designed by our creator to sleep through the night at this age. Having such a deep sleep increases their SIDS risk. It is by His design that human milk is more easily digested so babies need to feed in the night and thus keep you close by (especially in early migratory societies). Those were indeed my own words as are the following: Formula is not NORMAL. Breastmilk is normal. It's NOT NORMAL to sleep through the night. Cherish your night time snuggles as babies grow up so fast. On her wedding day, will you be glad you let her nurse when she needed only what you can give her or will you be glad you got 10 hours of sleep at night? She'll thank you for the mammaries. Love, Your Breast Friend

Queen Elaine said...

Whenever I eat a popsicle, I feel dirty inside too.....but that could be that I'm not inserting it in the right orifice maybe??


p.s. I try not to be bad, but I just can't help myself!!

Anonymous said...

I nursed all three of my children, and when they were a few weeks old I started each of them on formula as a supplement. I only gave them the formula at bedtime, and I gave them soy formula (easier on the belly). I really think it helped them all sleep - they were all wonderful sleepers. Formula may not be "NORMAL" (I think "Natural" might be a better word than "Normal" especially for mothers who are already struggling with breastfeeding issues) but formula is nutritional too...just not the same as breast milk. I pumped while the babies ate their nighttime bottles, and saved the breast milk in the freezer, so that when I finally stopped nursing I still had quite a bit of milk stored up to give them. A word of wisdom to M. - not everyone is physically capable of nursing, and preaching about it being God's design, and acting as if feeding your baby formula is abnormal does not make those mothers feel any better. I have known quite a few women who really struggled with nursing, and felt inferior and guilty because they couldn't nurse. They felt condemned by family and society. Not everyone is blessed with abundant milk and breasts made for feeding.

Queen Elaine said...

"Not everyone is blessed with abundant milk and breasts made for feeding"

You obviously haven't seen Jenette's "beasts! :)

Rachel said...

I'll make your dresses for you. I'm just about finished with a major home decorating overhaul for my mom and will soon be experiencing sewing machine withdraw. :P
I'd love to stay with you and your family during OA. I will take you up on your offer IF I don't have a job yet and therefore aren't scheduled to work that weekend. Thanks for the offer.
I could even bring my machine and get at least one dress made for you that weekend. Especially if you already have the pattern and fabric picked out. :)
btw ... your adorable little boy is a strange little kid. That thing about the popsicle made me laugh and laugh and laugh ...