Saturday, July 28, 2007

You know you're loved when....

So, I'm here at April and Jon's. As always, I feel as though I am in my own home. Ok, in my own dream home. But I'm very comfortable here and always feel at ease.

So, we're eating supper. The chair that Aaron was on was a bit wobbly. Which reminded Aaron of the chair that broke while I was sitting in it. So he tells April and Jon the story. Which leads to a few comments about me. Which leads to a Jenette-bashing moment. Ahhhh, I felt the love. Seriously. Because in my family, if we don't give each other a hard time, it pretty much means that we don't give a rat's darn about you.

Why is that? Why is it that we have to put each other down or tease each other to demonstrate our affection for each other? It isn't just my family, either. Aaron's family is the same way. And most of my friends are that way, as well.

I think we show our affection in this way because it's a way to show that we know that person so very well. If I don't know someone well, I certainly won't tease them, or make all of my sarcastic comments in their ear. I guess most of the people that I am close to feel the same way. Plus , if we spent all of our time being all mushy and touchy feely, I'd do nothing but cry. So not how I want to spend my days!

You know what one of my writing pet peeves is? The homonymn (sp?) to, too, and two. More specifically, when someone accidentally uses "to" when they mean "too." I'm reading a rather amusing book series (Sophie Metropolis by Tori Carrington) and I just ran across this mistake. Shame on the copy editor for missing it! :) Eh, we all have our things, and it's certainly not like I'm perfect in the grammar or spelling department. But something that is professionally published--- well, you'd think common mistakes like that would be easier to prevent.

April only has about 300 pages left of The Deathly Hallows. HURRY!!!! No, wait, enjoy. But I'm desperate to talk about it to someone! And Mindy is reading it with her husband. GROWL!!!!

Ok. Enough babbling. Enough! Kids are asleep, I think I'm going to ask April if I can make a margarita!! WHOOHOOO!!


Rachel said...

you know you could talk to me about it :P ...

seeya Friday :)

Queen Elaine said...

The link to the pic of you doesn't work my dear. I'm only on page 161 (having just re-read #6), I'm on the edge of my seat!!!!!