Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eeew, Grody

So I'm laying in bed last night, sprawled across the bed--- I went to bed early and had the whole thing to myself for a while! One foot was out of the covers, since that's how I have to have it in order to fall asleep. Odd, yes, I know. Anyhow, I heard Carl the cat come into the bedroom.

"Meeeooow?" he said.

"Mmmph, psst," I replied.

He took that as an invitation and jumped up on the bed. First he tried to headbutt my hand, but I quickly put it under the covers. Then he tried to headbutt my nose. I moved the pillow. Then he walked down the bed to my feet.

And wiped his cold wet nose across my toes. And then he sneezed cat spit all over my foot.

Eeeew, grody!


Anonymous said...

Jenette, that is so disgusting. I've told you before, the only good cat is a dead cat.

I know, I'm horrible! Tee hee....

Queen Elaine said...

Cat. The other white meat.

tee hee..

Anonymous said...

I sleep with one foot out too!! (My right one) I thought I was the only one who did this. Well if there are 2 of us, there must be more....;)
Kathy I.

Queen Elaine said...

So what do you do if a cat spits at you?

Turn down the grill......