Saturday, September 06, 2008

10th Anniversary, a bit early...

Our 10th anniversary is in three weeks. We've been together nearly 12 years. Maybe a bit more than 12 years. Married for almost 10 of those. It's not been the easiest road to travel sometimes, for either of us. As I've said before, I'm not always the easiest person to deal with. Neither is he, for that matter. We're both stubborn. We're both selfish. We like things done our way, which is, of course, the right way. We often read each other's moods incorrectly because we're wrapped up in daily life too tightly.

But sometimes, he reads me just right. It's been a long week. First week back at work full time. Lots of thoughts going around in my head. Lots of planning, etc. I took the kids out for a playdate this morning. He went to run errands. And came back with this.
Now, we've been looking for the perfect kitchen cabinet for over three years. We do this, you know. Once, it took us about two years to find a simple mirror to go with a bookshelf. Said mirror is no longer with said bookshelf, but still plays a prominent role in our house. Anyhow. We had a different style in mind. I had the tall narrow style cabinet in mind, typically red and white with stenciled glass doors. I also like Hoosier cabinets, but well... if you know anything about Hoosier cabinets, you know there are usually two types--- restored and EXPENSIVE---- or in need of some serious TLC and EXPENSIVE. Anyhow, we came close to purchasing a cabinet or two a few times over the years, but something always held us back. I'm glad. Because I think this one is just about perfect. The doors are not warped, the drawers slide easily, the hardware is original, the stenciling on the glass is pristine, and the enamel top has only one chip, which actually adds character. LOVE IT!! I went ahead and filled it up, right away. My kitchen now looks brand new--- or at least like it's from the 50's, which is my intent!!! YAY!
Yeah. Every now and then, he gets something EXACTLY right. Guess that's why I've kept him around for 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Very cool Jenette, looks great!!!


Mellie B said...

It's beautiful and suits you and Aaron (and your cherry kitchen) VERY VERY well. Great find!

tammy said...

OH, I love it. It is do perfectly you, too.

I know what you mean about wanting to find the right one. I was lucky enough to have a built in corner cabinet with our house. A benefit of buying an older home.

Mel said...

Tell Aaron I'm impressed! Rick would NEVER attemt to buy furniture. Great find!
Happy Anniversary! (a little late)