Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I could....

I could vacuum the upstairs and then steam clean the carpets.
I could mop my floors.
I could fold laundry.
I could leaf blow leaves.
I could build legos with the kiddos.
I could take a short nap.
I could fix my ultra cute short hair.
I could watch CSI re runs.
I could sort through Starbuck's clothing.

But. I don't know what I want to do!!!

So. I think I'll say, check out the song, "Heaven is the Face," by Steven Curtis Chapman. A friend told me about it on Monday--- they played it at church on Sunday, and she bawled, thinking about me and our Henry. Aaron and I listened to it last night. We both cried.

But let me tell you about TPJ--- the first time I was listening to the song, TPJ was coming downstairs to tell me that there was something wrong with his bed (it was bedtime). He saw me crying and put his arms around me. He asked, "Are those tears of joy, or sad tears?" I told him that they were a little bit of both. I told him the background of the song, how SCC had written it because of his little girl that was accidentally killed, and because he missed her. TPJ said, "Like you miss Henry?" And I said yes. He then climbed in my lap-- even though he's only about 11 inches shorter than I am at this point, and hugged my neck. He whispered, "It's ok, Mommy. Henry and Grandpa are there together, and someday we will be too."

I love my son. He let me hold him and rock him and cuddle him until my tears were gone.

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