Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Driving home

So I was driving down the road today, looking at the scenery, when a fabulous song came on through my CD player. Perhaps you've heard of it? "Miss Otis Regrets," sung by Bette Midler. Now, I can only listen to Bette when I am in the car alone. I would never dare to injure Aaron's ears by subjecting him to the Divine Miss M. Anyhow, back on topic. As I was saying, "Miss Otis Regrets," came on. Immediately, I grabbed my hairbrush from the passenger seat and began singing into it. Have you ever done this? It's quite fun, really. I drew a few stares from other motorists, but that's ok. They were just jealous that they weren't having a good time while driving.

Some observations from my trip.

1. People from Michigan drive very very fast.
2. Police cars are sometimes unmarked.
3. If it's raining while you're driving, it's inevitable that someone's going to tailgate you, or drive without their lights on.
4. If you're given plenty of warnings about lanes ending, someone will ignore them, and cut in front of you and then slam on their brakes.
5. Trips are much shorter when you don't have to stop every two hours to let your three year old go to the bathroom.

Some tips of the day:
Romantic Relationships: Appreciate your significant other's efforts, even if they aren't to the same standard that you hold yourself to.
Parenting: Cuddle.
Driving: Sing to the radio and be totally silly, but make sure that you don't tailgate if you get too involved in your singing.

I think that's it. I'm out of words for the day. Maybe something will occur to me later. Eh, who knows.

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