Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day!

Thanks to all of you who gave me words of encouragement for my first day of school! Nicole, your card brightened the end of my day immeasurably. BizBeth, you call me any old time with news like you gave me today! That's just plain juicy!

So Ethan and I had our first day of school. We both did reasonably well. I only had 9 children in my classroom today. Such a difference from my last two years of teaching. And to be honest, teaching in this setting is SOOO different (Biz, don't be offended.... I loved Biggs, but this is totally different) as far as time spent with students and the students themselves. At my old school, I always felt like I was one or two steps behind. Here, at least on the first day, I felt like I was on top of things.

Ethan only cried a few times and those were only when he saw me. I was stupid enough to peek into his classroom. I'm such a dork sometimes. But he did wonderfully and his teacher said he was a really good kid. Well, duh. I already knew that. :)

I went out tonight to get a tension rod for my classroom. Gotta hang up my organizer thingee (Thanks Biz) so that I know what I'm doing day to to day, ya know? And I need to take a look at Miss Stephanie's lesson plans and see if I can find an easier and prettier way to format them.

I also bought myself flowers today. As I told Aaron's mom, if my husband won't buy me flowers, I'll buy them for myself and thank him for them, since he's the one who's earned all the money this summer. :) No, seriously, my first year of teaching, Aaron sent me a gorgeous bunch of flowers to my school. That was more important than this, my third (OH WOW!) year of teaching.

Ok. I'm going to go work on that lesson plan format.

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