Saturday, August 27, 2005

Glamour girl

I had a Glamour Makeover done today. I went to a friend's Mary Kay party, and while I am not really that great with makeup, I had a great time. Good girl giggling time, and good fun makeup stuff. As usual, I made the more experienced maker uppers laugh with my ineptness. Eh, I only wear mascara and lipstick most days. And my lipstick is often just a clear gloss, to be honest. I'm way too active to worry about mascara smudges and what not. But I ended up buying some beautiful lipstick--- see picture (I love bold lipsticks), and some actual BROWN mascara. Now, this is hard to find for redheads, most of the time it's black brown. So I'm happy to finally have some real brown mascara. Would have bought more, but that stupid budget stuff.... ya know?

I went to go see Red Eye tonight. By myself! Aaron and Ethan went to see Valiant, that Disney movie? They enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed Red Eye. Good suspense. Didn't put me to sleep, but didn't have me hiding under my Petite Sophisticate bag either. Speaking of Petite Sophisticate, let me tell you about the SALE!

I managed to score a new skirt, a new pair of khaki pants, and a pantsuit, for THIRTY DOLLARS! YES! 60-75% off! Nothing pleases me better than getting a good bargain. I can be a little on the thrifty side, and since I have expensive tastes in some things, I usually shop sales and clearance racks.

Hmmm, anything deep today? Not really. I had no life changing moments. I feel like I should throw something thoughtful in today....I know! Call my local florist and send me fresh flowers--- that's really thoughtful!!! I need some fresh flowers in this place. I can't be a good hostess without a fresh vase of flowers! I don't particularly care for roses, so send me just a pretty bunch of flowers! :) Hmmm, how many of you would actually do that? :)

Ok, off to wash my face and then shoot a few people on the TV--- game, people, game!!! I'll beat Aaron tonight for sure!

Fresh flowers make the home so much more inviting. Trust me on this.
Shop sales.
Take 5 minutes to clean up from dinner before you walk out the door, and coming home is sooo much nicer.


Mel said...

You look beautiful!!!

Jenette said...

Thanks Babeeeee! I can't seem to comment on your blog anymore, which makes sense, so if you see this, I love you!

Mel said...

You can comment on my blog again. How was your first day of school???