Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hump Day

I remember the first time I heard Wednesday called "hump day." I was so naive then. I didn't know what all of my friends were giggling about. Now, I can't think of Wednesday as "hump day" without giggling myself. Oh, how we grow. :)

So today was an interesting day. I have one of the cutest little girls ever in my class. She's Indian (like from India, not Native American Indian) and she speaks with the tiniest accent. Think Apu (Simpsons) only a little lighter of an accent. She is incredibly talkative and very animated. We drew illustrations today to go along with our words of what we liked about school. She told me how she liked the numbers on the clock, and the stoplight plates that are in our room. She also drew a picture of me, because she likes me-- almost as much as she likes the clock... :) Anyhow, she's just the cutest thing with her black hair and big big brown eyes. I find myself smiling everytime I look at her.

There's another little girl in my class who just started in my room today. She's visually what I have always wanted for my own little girl. Cute, petite, really redheaded, with a few curls, and BIG BROWN EYES. Oh, she's just beautiful. But oh my! She's sooo headstrong. Tell her not to do something, and she'll look at you and GRIN! And do it anyway. She's not mean about it, no sir. She's just going to do things her own way, thank you very much. That's why I'm so afraid of having a little girl. See, I was (hush up, y'all) like that when I was a little girl. Headstrong. Loud. Stubborn. Ornery. Cute (hehehe). Yeah. I'm so afraid that if I have a little girl, she'll be like me. Oh my. I don't think the world is ready for it. I scratched a kid on the face in second grade for knocking papers off of my desk. I gave a kid a bloody nose for calling me Red. I joyrode in my best friend's parent's car when I was 14. I started drinking way too young. Holy crud, if I ever have a little girl like me, I'm just gonna reserve a room in the loony bin. Mom, I don't know how you and dad survived.... Jon-Bon (brother) I don't know how you didn't kill me.

Reading the stories of Katrina still breaks my heart. I've heard on the radio that canned goods and items such as that are necessary for the victims, so I'll be contributing what I can as soon as I can.

Ultrasound tomorrow morning. Shot tomorrow night, if all goes well. This month, the needle shouldn't cause hysteria for Aaron and I. :) Then a fun filled weekend. Doctor's office in the early morning on Saturday, then helping Aaron's grandparents move from their house of 40 years to a manufactured home. Much more manageable for them, but oh my. The stuff you accumulate over decades! Then possible fireworks on Sunday. And Monday to relax. Crud, this whole "hump day" thing has me thinking too much of the weekend.

Ok, my faithful readers. Here's Jenette's tips for the day:

On parenting: Feed yourself regularly so that you have the energy and inclination to keep up with your child. If you don't treat yourself well, you can't treat them well.

On relationships: Let him go play the shooting game while you write in your blog. 20 minutes to yourselves makes for a happy rest of the evening.

On cleaning: Little things add up. Just picking up the old newspapers and putting them in the recycle bin, or stacking the dishes in the sink instead of on the counter-- these things make a difference in the appearance of your house, and your mental attitude.

On finding time for yourself: Do it. For the women-- take a bath, read a book, get your nails, hair-- whatever-- done, drink that cuppa tea in solitude. For the men-- go play that shooting game, work on your models, play sports (fantasy or reality), go to Best Buy. Just take some time every week just for you. If you're too busy for yourself, you're too busy, period.

Have a good day. Life and shooting games beckon me to the Family Room on the other side of the house! (see below, a picture of the family room, complete with Simpsons on the TV)

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