Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day

Here it is, the first weekend in September already. Where did my summer go? Oh yeah, I spent a third of it down in Georgia. The other two thirds I spent with my kid and my hubby. Now I remember. It was a good summer. I'll be sad to see it go, but seasons change, right? And we're entering into my favorite season, Autumn.

Not a whole lot interesting or amusing going on in the past two days. I'm enjoying my new job. It's fun to sit and work on writing skills with my young children. I had a few classroom management issues this morning, but I think that had to do with the fact that I was up with Ethan every hour last night. The child has allergies (constantly, it seems... I wonder if he's allergic to the cats... hmmmm...) and last night was a rough night. He spiked a fever, which isn't unusual with him (takes after his daddy) and it made him miserable through the night. At one point he had to use the bathroom, but couldn't find it. It's right across the hall from his bedroom. I couldn't help but giggle, even though it was 3 am. By that time, his fever had broken and he was just plain sleepwalking.

Do you know what I love? Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. And it's not the ice cream part that I like as much as the chunks of cookie dough. What is it about uncooked (non eggy) cookie dough that appeals to most of us? Is it the texture? The density? The chocolate chips? The sweetness? I think it's the way it feels on my teeth, as I smoosh it around in the back of my mouth. I could sit and eat frozen cookie dough for a long time before I got sick to my stomach.

M*A*S*H reruns are on Hallmark all this weekend. I love M*A*S*H. The problem is that I've seen just about every single episode about 3 times each, yet can't seem to stop watching them whenever they come on TV. It's like that with Buffy. I have Buffy on DVD. Yet, if she's on TV, I've got the TV tuned in. I've even gone so far as to TIVO episodes of Buffy that I have on DVD. Sheesh. So anyhow, I'm sucked into MASH right now and it's the episode with Five o'clock Charlie. Cracks me up every time. Don't you just love how MASH could make a statement about the times, yet still be so amusing? It was only towards the end that Pierce got kinda preachy, but hey, I guess he had that right.

Let's all have a pretty weekend, shall we? But let's not forget those who are working down South to help the victims of Katrina. Make a donation to the Red Cross. Look up local organizations that are helping out. I'm going to donate school supplies to a group that is taking in 200 school children. And then I might do more, if I can.

Ok. Off to read other blogs. Off to pet Cici, who is anxious for my hair. Take care.

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