Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Great Pet Search

We're on a hunt. Oh, Aaron doesn't realize it's as active of a hunt as it is, but trust me, we're on a hunt. I think he got a clue today when I called from the pet adoption place, however.... a cute cat called out to me, and Ethan was entranced by the cutie pie.

We go through this every year or so. If I had my druthers, we'd live out in the country with a big barn, and I would adopt every animal that needed a home. Last year, I was appeased by takeing home two kittens from Aaron's parent's multiple cat's litter. Then I brought home a stray dog. He didn't last long, because we worked too much at that time to have a puppy that needed training. He found a new home. This summer, one of our kittens died. So we are now down an affectionate cat. The two that are left, Carl and Cici, well, they're not very socialble at all. Not picker upper cats or lap cats. So I got the bright idea of hunting out a dog (now that I'm home a lot more) since Ethan's been asking for one, or adopting another cat. I think I've come to terms that a dog would be better when Ethan's older... but it's not out of the question. A cat/kitten, on the other hand, I could bring home tomorrow and Aaron wouldn't mind too much. So today.... well, if it hadn't been 10 minutes before closing, we would have brought a kitten home. The place where we are going to adopt from spays/neuters all of the cats, vaccinates them, tests them for Feline Leukemia and and all that kind of stuff. To all cat owners out there: please please test your cats for Feline Leukemia if they are outdoor cats. And if they do go outside, please get them the booster shots for FL.

So anyhow. I wouldn't mind going to the pet shelter to see if there is a dog or two that needs a home. But I don't think I'll push the issue. :) Gotta play my cards right. If I get pregnant soon, I'll push for a dog now, using the argument that I don't want a puppy when I have a newborn baby. :) hehehe Oh wait. Aaron reads this thing. Hi honey! I love you! I respect your decisions! :)

Tips of the day:
1. Go to the adoption center at least a half an hour before closing.
2. Seriously and carefully consider all factors before you adopt any pets. Living space, size of animal, age of animal, food costs, vet costs, toys.... things like that. Adopting a pet should not be done on a whim. It is something to do when you have thought through everything carefully.
3. Enjoy life.

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