Friday, September 09, 2005

The End of the Week as We Know it, and I Feel Fine...

Is that how the song goes? Maybe not. And maybe I don't feel so fine, as I fight nausea and a weird tiredness. Now before y'all who have had kids start grinning knowingly, let me just say that the hormone that Aaron injects me with, well, it mimics pregnancy symptoms. So don't get your hopes up, goodness knows mine aren't. :) Not a lot anyhow.

It was an interesting week at school. As I've said before, I am loving my new job. But this week, something terrible happened. One of my coworkers died on Wednesday. She was on vacation for the week, so she wasn't at the center. But she was 37 years old, and died of congestive heart failure. Her 12 year old daughter found her. Can you imagine? How terrible. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

In other not so somber news, Ethan is spending the night with his Nanny (grandma for all you normal people. That means that Aaron and I had the evening to ourselves. We thought about going to see a movie, but the one we wanted to see started at 10:30, and I knew that I wouldn't make it til 12:30 am in a nice comfortable dark theatre without falling asleep. So instead, I sit here, watching Battlestar Galactica, one of the best shows EVER! I must be getting old, because this is what feels exciting to me. :) I figure I'm saving my real excitement for our 7 year anniversary coming up at the end of this month. wink wink, blush blush. :)

I got my hairs trimmed today. I love how long my hair has gotten. I haven't had it this long since I was 16 and in New Zealand - couldn't afford to get my hair cut regularly. My hair is brushing my shoulders, and Aaron says that when it's wet, it reaches my back. Anyhow, it's all fluffy and curly this evening. Sue Ann, my hairdresser, had a good time putting products into my hair and playing with it. She commented on how my hair is really curly and wavy right now. I think it's because I have stopped trying to straighten it every day. I've decided to accept what I look like, even up to my wild red hair. And I've gotten so many compliments since I decided to stop trying to make myself into something that I'm not. Of course, I still like to change my looks sometimes, nothing wrong with that. But it's amazing the sense of freedom that comes from accepting yourself as you are.

Ok, after chatting online today with a friend or two, and on the phone with another friend or two, I've decided to outline the whole fertility treatment procedure that we're going through. So many of the same questions from so many different people.

So, here's what happens every month, ok? On day 1 of a new cycle, I call my doctor. For the last two cycles, he has started me on Clomid on days3-7. I have to take the Clomid at the same time each day. On day 12, I get an ultrasound done to see if the Clomid has worked, meaning, have any eggs dropped? If I have indeed dropped eggs, then I get a hormone shot that night (courtesy of Aaron) and get to wait a day and a half. On day 14, we go into the doctor's office and I get inseminated. It's not the most romantic of situations, believe me. Then, I wait 16 days. If my cycle doesn't start by then, the doctor gives me a pregnancy test. I have been instructed not to take a pregnancy test before they give me one, as the hormone shot I get on day 12 will mimic pregnancy symptoms and even make a home pregnancy test turn out positive. So these 16 days are torture. But that's how it works. If I don't get pregnant this cycle, we are moving onto daily hormone injections instead of the clomid. If that happens, I'll update what the procedure entails. :)

How's that for an entry that's all over the place? :) Hope you had fun reading it! I had fun writing it!

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