Thursday, September 15, 2005

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

For those die hard Survivor fans, you know what it means. Tonight was the season premiere, and even though my ears itch inside, my nose tingles, my eyes are watering, and I am a little hoarse, I didn't miss an instant of it. Thank goodness for TiVo.

We've been watching Survivor since the very first season. Some seasons weren't that great, others were awesome (Heck yeah, I was all for Rupert!). This season shows promise, what with the return of Stephanie and Bobby Jon and all. The 11 mile trek that had all the guys on one team puking... yeah, it has promise. I hate it that Jim got voted out. I always hate it when the older people get voted off first... it's like, doesn't life experience count for anything to young people anymore? Of course, the fact that he was injured might have had something to do with that.... :) But still, it's my biggest gripe about the game.

So I'm struggling at work. I love my job, as far as the stress level, the kids, the distance from home, time with Ethan-- pretty much everything except for the whole getting to know people thing. Usually I'm pretty good at that. But for some reason, I'm not good at it with these people. I keep telling myself the fact that there was a death among the staff last week probably doesn't help things any. But I find myself missing my old school a lot. I miss my friends, especially BizBeth and Lisa. I miss going into the other classrooms and raiding art closets, libraries, manipulatives, etc. I miss collaborating on lesson plans. I miss giving my two cents worth at staff meetings. I just don't know what to think of all of this. It's only been a few weeks. I know it'll get better. Right? And as soon as I feel a bit better (tomorrow, I hope) then this will all look different. I wrote down all of my thoughts about my loneliness at naptime today. Upon rereading them, I decided that they were a bunch of shite, and deserved to be burned for their self pitying tone. I haven't burned them yet, but rest assured that I will not fall into an abyss of self pity. Instead, I will throw myself into being a good wife, mother, and teacher. I can do this, whether or not the people I work with are interested in having a friendship or not. :)

Have a great evening. I think I'm going to go take some Sudafed. I think I'm allowed to take Sudafed. Aren't I? Holy crud, I can't remember what I was allowed to take when I was preggers with Ethan. Not like I'm preggers right now anyhow, so who cares. Heavens, I've got to do something about this cynical, dark, self pitying mood I'm in today. Farewell dear blog readers! I go to adjust my attitude.

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