Friday, September 16, 2005

Girl Friday!

So, BizBeth called me today after reading yesterday's blog. She was worried about me and my attitude. Biz, when you read this one, just know that your voice and stories made my attitude improve a whole lot. Gosh, I miss you!

Speaking of missing friends... I think this whole loneliness thing I'm on goes deeper than the whole work people issue. One of my ya ya sisters has recently moved to Vermont. Like the middle of NOWHERE Vermont. Internet is dial up, so she doesn't get to check email all that often, and she doesn't get to get online to chat. So I find that I'm really missing her right now. And one of my other ya ya friends, well, we talk on the phone alot, but it's been ages since I feel like we've actually SEEN each other and TALKED. But we're going to her daughter's birthday party this weekend, so that should be good. And my childhood best friend (still my best friend today), well, she and I saw a lot of each other this summer, and I'm going through withdrawal right now. Same with some other friends I saw a lot of this summer... I miss them a lot too. Sigh.

I need a severe attitude adjustment. Aaron came home today and was a little freaked out. I was in jammies (at 5 pm) and had CLEANED the whole house. And I took a nap. And I played with Ethan. And I started laundry. Now, most of you would probably say--- uh, what's the prob? Well, when I get depressed or worried, or anxious, or am experiencing any negative emotion whatsoever, I tend to go on a whirlwind of organizing and cleaning and well... I get a little fixated. I don't know what I'm worried or depressed or anxious about right now, though. So somewhere, I need to adjust something within me. Let's hope it happens soon. Perhaps deep inner soul searching is needed. Either that or tequila and dark chocolate peanut M&M's. Not together though. Ick. :) tee hee!

Jenette's Tips of the day:

Putting the dishes away at the end of the day makes starting the next day so much nicer.

Vaccuum regularly. Otherwise, raisins become a permanent part of the carpet. Really vaccuum at least once a week, to ensure that those raisins in not so obvious spots are gotten. Speaking from experience here, ok??


Y'all come back now, hear? :)


Clio said...

I know what you mean about cleaning. Things are icky with me, but if I ever get an hour when I'm not supposed to be at work or at school, you can bet my house will get reorganized and cleaned from top to bottom!

Mel said...

Even if I'm out in the boonies, I still love you like crazy. I'm sad things didn't work out this month. You guys are continually in our prayers. I miss you more than you know. It really IS the middle of nowhere out here. It would be nice to have a friend around here who isn't connected to my family or the church.