Monday, October 03, 2005

The art of popcorn

How many of you remember REAL popcorn? Popcorn popped in oil, with REAL melted butter and REAL salt on it? Not the microwave stuff (though there are some good micro popcorns out there) or the air popped kind (addmittedly, what I had a lot, growing up...) but the REAL THAAANG! I'm about as addicted to popcorn as I am to shoes. Ok, maybe more addicted. It is nothing for me to pop up a huge (we're talking big ol bowl) of REAL popcorn every other night and eat the WHOLE thing. Now, I don't ALWAYS slather it in butter and salt, those are relative to my stress level, ya know? But a bit of butter and a bit of salt are always necessary. And for me, a tall glass of milk or water to go along with it. Don't grimace at the idea of milk and popcorn... everyone does, and I think it's great!

So anyhow, I write this as I am debating whether or not to make up a bowl of popcorn. My dilemma stems from the fact that we don't have any stick butter, and only have whipped butter. Not a big deal, you might think, because after all, butter is butter. Ahh, but just as not all popcorns are created equally, not all butters are created equally. For instance, if I want my small kerneled black jewel popcorn that has a slightly sweet taste, then I don't want as much butter, but do want the butter to be dense. If I'm going for the larger kerneled yellow popcorn, the kind of butter doesn't matter as much as the quantity of salt. And if I happen to meander over to Jungle Jim's and get some red popcorn, well, just about anything's good with that kind! :) So, are you all laughing at me yet? Thanks. Thanks a lot :)

Ok, How I Met your Mother is coming on soon, and believe it or not, Ethan is IN BED!! And I have some lesson planning to do. And, I could fold laundry, but what fun is that? :) ugh. So off I go to make that popcorn, lesson plan, and.... well, who knows what else? :)


Misfit Hausfrau said...

I really miss Movie Theatre Popcorn. I haven't had it since I saw a movie in a theatre which I believe was "Along Came Polly."

Now that I am on Weight Watchers, popcorn is an approved snack, provided you use no butter or the fake plastic spray butter. I sometimes wonder if it is even worth the 30 minutes I spend flossing kernels out of my teeth as it tastes quite disappointing.

I did go whole hog for the Alias season premiere last Thursday and melted gobs of real butter and topped it with parmesan cheese. I blew my points for the week, but I didn't care.

Lisa said...

it's funny your entry is about popcorn because Em and I just had a discussion on popcorn today. We like popcorn while we're eating it... but it always get stuck in our teeth afterwards. So Em eats in anyways, but I try to avoid it because I'm OCD when it comes to my teeth... I'm one of those people who brushes their teeth randomly throughout the day... lol. I just dont like to feel anything on my teeth...I like them clean and smooth. lol. anyway... I just ate a giant chocolate chip muffin from Biggs... yumm. :)

Jenette said...

misfit, it's soooo not worth it without the butter.... but every now and then I grate cheese on mine... might be a WW approved thing... :):) and it's totally woth the time spent flossing! :)

Martiel said...

I like to sprinkle on brown sugar if I have a sweet tooth, now there is microwavable kettle corn and I can just have that. I do remember going camping and popping the foil pan style over the camp fire. It was always fun to watch the pan expand into a full bowl of popcorn.

My mom use to have a popcorn maker, pouring the kernels into the machine and the popped popcorn would spill out into the bowl on the kitchen counter. I don't think she has that popper any more. I would like to get one for myself.

What is more tempting about popcorn is when a coworker at work pops a bag and fills the whole office up with the popcorn buttery smell, teasing me with the craving. Sometimes I will hunt it down with which cubical has the popcorn, and find that my coworker wants to share some of her popcorn with me and I can't turn it down. yum. =)

Matthew said...

I love to eat popcorn too. I eat it about 3-4 times a week. One of my favorites is Ladyfinger popcorn which is comparable to Black Jewell popcorn. It is also a hulless popcorn so you don't get the hulls in your teeth. I get it from here