Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's ALMOST here!

Ok, so, technically, Fall (or Autumn for some of y'all) has been here since September twenty something. Yeah. Don't tell my a/c that, it'll laugh at you. I am so happy that the cooler weather is on the way!

Now don't get me wrong, I like summer. The thing is, I like summer in small doses. You know, three or four weeks of summer. And never the 90 degree sweltering summers... always the 75-80 degree summers... but only for a few weeks. Then I could skip right into fall and stay there for about 6 months (windy days, crisp air, colorful leaves) and be happy. I could take about 1-2 months of winter. Again, no extremes, just some nice fluffy snow on the weekends (so I don't have to drive in it on the weekdays) and hot chocolate in a mug while I bask in front of the fireplace. Let's see, that gets us to 8 or 9 months of the year taken us. So I guess the remaining 3-4 months could be spring. And that would be great too, since I love the spring flowers and plants a lot. Anyone know where I can go to find a place like this? :):)

I'm so excited to be able to pack up my summer clothing! I'm looking forward to wearing my Old Navy corduroys (soooo cute) and my cute little 3/4 length sleeve polos that I bought not too long ago. Not to mention my new Dr. Martens on my feets! :) No more flabby arms peeking out from my t-shirts. No more white white legs that blind all who behold them! No more sweating as soon as I walk out the door. No more painting my toenails every week. Oh wait. I'll probably still do that, but maybe not AS often. More like once every two weeks :):)

Ooooooh ooooh oooh! AND! I get to invite people over to our house (well, to our backyard) and have fires in the chiminea and sit out on the patio! Cool autumn evenings are best for that sort of thing! S'mores, here I come! I might have to get out the tent and do a campout in my backyard for the kiddo and I, since he's never been camping! WOW!! I LOVE FALL!!!

Ok, I think I've rhapsodized about fall enough. Tell me what you think? Does anyone else welcome the cooler weather? The smell of the leaves as they mature and fall off of the trees? The bright mums that everyone has this time of year? The advent of cords and long sleeve shirts? There have to be a few other Fall Fanatics (FF's???) out there!


Lauren said...

I love fall. It's not realy hot. And at night it is perfect for fires and jsut hanging out! I like it! Oh and there are some cute clothes

Ashley said...

Fall is fabulous! It seems that the whole world begins to deepen-the leaves turn beautiful burnt orange, flaming red, soft yellow instead of the same bright green around every corner during the summer. As the temp. drops everyone pulls out their sweatshirts and jeans, hiking boots and jackets and settles in for cool Friday nights at the local football game, fun Saturday mornings raking leaves with the kids, and weekend trips to wonderful locales like Gatlinburg, Hocking Hills and the Northeast. Oh fall, how I love when a slight breeze picks up, putting a little nip in the air...they say that spring in the season for love-I disagree-what inspires a blooming relationship like a chill in the air to bring you closer and the thought of the holidays approaching. So indeed, I too am a Fall Fanatic :D

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I am all about Spring and Fall. I dislike extreme temperatures in either direction. I would live in San Francisco if it had autmumn. Oh, yeah, I guess I would also need to be able to afford it.

While I haven't gotten any nice new fall clothes yet, I will be digging up my 15 year old IU sweatshirt that is so ripped up and stained, but oh-so-comfortable no matter how fat I get!

Candace said...

LOVE Fall. So very much!

It certainly felt Fallish today...I could have done without the rain, but I got to wear jeans and a long-sleeved T and my favorite pink hoodie, so it's all good.

Jenette said...

I'm so glad to see other FFs out there! lowercase misfit-- yes, it did feel like fall today! I loved it! I got to wear my anniversary pressie, a pretty coat from Ann Taylor! I've been waiting for fall so I could do that! :):)

capital Misfit, go to Old Navy. Go to Target. Go somewhere and get pretty fall clothing. Go, go now!!! :):)Or just drag out the old comfy clothes, cause goodness knows, I'm in the sweats and sweatshirt right now myself! :)

Lauren and Ashley, my darlings! Ashley, you should update your blog more often... you write such great comments in mine, write in your own so I have something new to read when I check your blog! :) And Ashley, here's some love for you! Smooch!

GrayEagle said...

Fall and spring are my favorite times of the year. Only problem, down here in Miami, we have cool summer and hot summer and completely miss winter!

Jen, I enjoy your musings...Thank you for letting us in your world!