Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bonfire Tips

1. Marshmallows are best if burned a little. A few carcinogens never hurt anyone, right?
2. Apple cider tastes better warm, rather than cold on your sweatshirt.
3. Don't play football in the dark. Don't play football when you're pregnant and your husband's a worrywart.
4. Sing your heart out. No one can see your face to know if it's you singing off key!
5. Buy your kid shoes that light up so that you always know where he is when he wanders away from the bonfire.
6. Invest in the cool camp chairs that fold up and have cup holders in them. 10.99 at Tar-jay.
7. Be aware of things on the ground that have been put into the fire to see if they'll glow red, and then taken out of the fire... might be kinda hot.
8. Yes, styrofoam does melt and burn, but do you REALLY want to add any other pollutants to the fire?
9. Don't let Aaron near the bonfire with anything flammable.
10. Have a good time!

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