Monday, October 31, 2005


So Ethan and I went out with a group of friends from the neighborhood tonight to beg for candy. Ethan has this down pat, since he did it on Saturday night. Of course, he did the "argh" and stuff like that. T'was fun, and we got to give some of his stash away when we ran out of candy.... heheheh... like the kid needs all that sugar, to those of you who are going to boo and hiss at us for stealing his candy! :)

My tip of the day probably only pertains to pregnant women: When you KNOW that your body is rejecting certain things (for example, sweet things) LISTEN to it. Do not stuff that snack size Almond Joy into your greedy sweets deprived mouth. Because in 20 minutes, you KNOW you'll be heaving on someone's lawn. And even if you're fortunate enough that the sweets do not come back up, it's still not a good thing! Sheesh. Some people just don't learn, do they???? :):)

In other news. Ethan and I stayed at home today. He woke up at 6 am (of course on the morning that I WOULD be meeting one of my friends at 6:45 for brekkie at Panera) coughing and running a low grade fever. Bad mommy that I am, I fobbed him off on Daddy while I went and had brekkie. When I got home at 8, his fever was still there, a little higher. And his chest vibrated when he coughed. So I called off of work, and called the dr. Of course, Daddy didn't think that it was that bad, and that I was overreacting. Yeah. Kid's on 4 different medications. Zyrtec and Flonase for his allergies, til December. Prednosomething (steroid) and Albuterol for his wheezing lungs. Dr. says he's at risk for being asthmatic. Grrrreeeeeaaaaat. So, even though he wasn't contagious, I kept him at home the rest of the day. Which is a good thing, because he slept for 3 hours this afternoon. I think he needed it. And now he's tucked sweetly into his bed, wheezing as he breathes rapidly through his mouth. I love smelling his sleepy smell and listening to him breathe, even if it does hurt to know that he doesn't feel well.

Being a parent is sooo amazing sometimes. I find it so interesting how I can want to BEAT (and yes, I've had those moments when I've wanted to BEAT the child) the Hethan one minute because of his snotty three year old attitude, and then want to cuddle him and never let him go the next. Sounds kinda manic depressive, now that I've written it out.... :) But I think all the parents out there understand what I mean, right?

Ok, off to take my tired body to bed.


sarah cool said...

any pics of the Hethan in pirate get up? :)

Bryan Murray said...

Prednisone? That might be important to know...I was on steriods for awhile and they can be some nasty stuff.

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