Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Remind me?

Mommy friends--- remind me--- does the tiredness of the first trimester go away? I am SOOOO tired, but I'm not giving into it, because I still have a three year old and a husband who need their mommy and wife to still function. Lord knows, the first thing I want to do when I get home from teaching 5 year olds is crawl onto the couch and rest, snooze, something! But Ethan (and his friend, Laurel, who stays with us for about 45 minutes in the afternoon) need a snack. And some TV to watch for about 20 minutes. Only while they're watching TV, there's always something else-- bathroom, spillage, stealing snacks, so forget chilling on the futon for 20 minutes! :) No, I'm not really complaining, because I'm barely preggers, ya know? It's just funny how you forget some things between your first pregnancy and your next pregnancy! :)

Ethan has decided that he is going to be quite the sports guy. We went out tonight and got a football and a soccer ball. While we were at Meijer, we passed by the tennis raquets and balls--- now, DON'T ask me how my kid knows anything about tennis--- but he stopped cold and said, "I want to play tennis, Mommy." This is nothing new, he's said it before. But this is the first time he was transfixed by the tennis equipment. So I whipped out my cell phone, and called my brother, Sports Expert Extraordinaire, and blamed my child's athleticism on him. My brother got the coordinated genes in the family. I did not. So Jon and Ethan talked for a few minutes, and Jon agreed that when Ethan next comes to visit, they can work something out so that they can play tennis together. Sigh. And then my brother lectures me about needing to get Ethan out with a soccer ball more since the kid is already dribbling.

When we came out of Meijer, one of the local high school bands was having a concert to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina relief. Of COURSE, we had to stop and listen, because beyond being athletically inclined, the child is also musically inclined (but then, what young child isn't?) and insisted that we listen to the drums. He would like the drums. If he ever gets a set of drums as a pressie from ANY of my friends, expect retaliation. Or at least expect to help sound proof the basement or garage! :)

Waiting anxiously for Aaron to get home with the pizza. Ethan's in bed, I'm STARVED, and Lost comes on in 36 minutes.

Tips o the day:

Just ignore your child when he says he hears the ice cream man. Really. Or tell him it's the tv downstairs.

Buy the Muppet Show first season on DVD. It keeps the kids TRANSFIXED for 20 minutes! And, the whole family can enjoy it.

And last, but not least, laugh at yourself at least once a day. I know I do.


Anonymous said...

The tiredness does take a little break in the second trimester, but it sometimes comes back in the last one. All totally depending on how you react to your pregnancy. I moved 1000 miles during my last month, so I might not be the best to compare too!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I remember being more tired with the second pregnancy, particularly in the first and third trimesters. Keep in mind, you body is a few years older than the last time, AND you have an active toddler which makes a huge difference.

I combatted my exhaustion while at work the second time around by eating massive amount of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. However, I was working in an office and didn't have 5 year olds wanting them...

Anonymous said...

(It's MelinMooseCountry here. For whatever reason it's not letting me log in.) Yeah the tiredness and puking in the first trimester is not fun. The second trimester is a nice honeymoon phase-- remember the libido boost? Third trimester you just feel fat and tired all the time. Then the baby(ies) come(s). Remember that being pregnant is the EASY part. Enjoy every moment of it. Before you know it your lives and your hearts will be forever changed.