Thursday, October 20, 2005

Water Fight!!

Tonight, Aaron and I displayed our childish sides to our three year old son. Perhaps not the smartest move we've ever made, but hey!

Ethan was playing in the bathtub. Aaron and I were in the bathroom with him. I was playing with Ethan, when something mischeivious took over my hand... I took one of Ethans toys and squirted Aaron. Aaron retaliated by pouring ice cold water on me. I retaliated by squirting water in his face. He got back by throwing cold water on my face. Ethan was having a blast, trying to throw water on both of us. We giggled and laughed and got thoroughly soaked. We haven't had a water fight like that since before we had Ethan. Of course, we should have set a better example for Ethan, but hey, he got to see his parents having fun and laughing together. That's a good example, right?

CSI is on. Must go back to watching it.

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