Thursday, November 03, 2005

Airbrushed me

So I went to Slender Lady tonight, and got myself airbrushed. Totally cool. They literally airbrush a tan on you! Now, for those of you who tan, this might not seem to be a big deal. But for those of us who long for some color other than pink or spotted, well, it's awesome. The bad part is that you can't take a shower til the morning... and it's a bit sticky. But I have tan lines. And no streaks! So I highly recommend Michelle at Slender Lady in Fairfield.

And, let me tell you the cool things that happened while I was at Slender Lady. I walked in, ten minutes late, because I passed the place twice.... sigh, and the owner came out of the workout area. She looked at me and said "Hey girl!" and hugged me! Lo and Behold, it was someone I had worked at an optical shop with. She was an optician and a great one at that! But she decided that since she was really into working out and stuff like that, that she wanted to own her own fitness place. So, she bought a Slender Lady franchise! So she did my airbrushing, and we talked for a while, catching up. Including the fact that she is a new Christian, and was very excited about that. Now, most of y'all know that I am a Christian, and while I do not push my faith on anyone, I am NOT ashamed of being a Christian, and I don't hide it at all. So we talked some about the struggles she's having as a new Christian, and it was good.

Then, as I was getting ready to leave, the massage therapist was talking, and I mentioned that I teach preschool. She asked where, and I told her that I was currently in Kenwood, but that for the past two years, I had taught in Covington. She said "Oh, my brother lives in Latonia, and three of my neices/nephews go to Biggs Center." My jaw dropped, and I said, "That's where I did my student teaching and my first two years of teaching!" We talked for a while about what a small world it is, and I took the names of her neices and nephews to ask my Best Friend, BizBeth about them! BB still teaches at Biggs, in my old classroom, in fact!

So anyhow. Tomorrow is a hubby and child free night. Aaron's going out, Ethan's spending the night with his cousin. I'm soooo going to enjoy the alone time! I think I'll go to a movie on my own. And read a book in a restaurant. Sigh. Wait, I'm starting to sound like a song..... know which one I mean?

And for anyone who knits, can you teach me how to increase and decrease? I learned this summer, but I don't remember, and I'm wanting to try to follow a pattern this winter when I make a baby blanket for the new addition. Also, I'm starting on my scarf marathons, now that I can knit AND purl!!! :):) Sarah Cool, we should get together just to knit together, cause girl, I miss talking to you! :)

Off to Survivor and popcorn!


Misfit Hausfrau said...

Enjoy your evening tomorrow. My husband and I are having our second night out without children since we moved here in April (sad, eh?). He made reservations for two different places--depending on how late we are running. Frankly, it could be Skyline for all I care.

Jenette said...

I'd take anywhere without the kiddo sometimes, you know? You enjoy YOUR evening out! If you everneed babysitters, let me know, I have a good supply of good, fun, reliable babysitters.

sarah cool said...

how long does this tan last?!? was it expensive?! wow!!