Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scavenger hunt at UC

Here are some pictures of my scavenger hunt from a few weeks ago. I had fun, and just rediscovered the pictures. I really need to make it down to campus for an ADX meeting. I can't wait to get to know the actives and pledges better!

The one above is us making the C-paw. I don't know if we got points for creativity or not, but we darn well should have!!! :)

This is a picture of us sitting somewhere on campus, can't remember where. But let it be noted, that I would not be on campus at night unless I were with my sorority sisters... when I had night classes, I used to call a brother or two from Sigma Theta Epsilon to come and walk me to my car. Campus is not my fave place after dark, can you tell?

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sarah cool said...

Hey girl... I vaguely know how to decrease, but don't know how to increase at all. I have a book, I can look into it tonight. :)