Friday, November 18, 2005

food and me

I need to eat. I should eat. But eating makes me want to barf. Oh wait, eating MAKES me barf. Not every time. Just about a quarter of the time. But enough to make eating an unappetizing prospect.

I know what I want. I want porridge from the Nora Mill Granary in Helen, Georgia. I want it slightly sweetened. Not too much. I could settle for porridge from Jungle Jim's, but I can't see the texture to make sure that its what I want. They sell it in boxes, not bags. I can't see the grains when it's in boxes. Sigh. Aaron says I'm obsessing about the porridge. Am I obsessing about the porridge? Why is it that only porridge sounds good? Not oatmeal, not grits. Just porridge. I want the darned porridge NOW!!! Unfortunately, I can't get it til next week. Though I did let a friend know that he could get it for me for Christmas, and I would be perfectly happy with that present.

So I'm going to have a honey and peanut butter sannich on whole wheat bread. With Gatorade to drink. Maybe an apple, though the last time I had an apple it was a bit mushy, and I'm SO not into mushy apples. Maybe it was the individual apple, maybe it was the bag. Maybe it was the fact that Aaron picked them out. :) hehehehe.

I'm off to eat. If you can think of anything that might appeal to me, please let me know. Know that I am totally off of sweet things, unless it's ginger snap cookies, I don't like melted cheese right now, bread is unappetizing, and fruit in general makes me want to yak, along with veggies. All of this is TOTALLY not me, since those were all of my favorite things before the parasite invaded my uterus. :)

And Sarah Cool, Sunday might be a PERFECT time to knit. I'm FREE!!!


sarah cool said...

!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Do you want me to come to your house? Or, do you want to meet at Coffee Emporium? Although, anything we knit there will smell like coffee. :/ So maybe not. I'm up for anything, so let me know what your schedule dictates! :) I have church in the morning at 10:30 and then dinner with my family around 5, so anytime in between then. ;)

Jenette said...

I forgot until a friend called wanting to carpool yesterday, that I have a bridal shower to go to at 2 pm, down at Rohs Street Cafe. Argh! Excited about the shower, disappointed not to spend time with you! And I just bought new yarn and needles too! :)

Mellie Breen said...

I might get you in trouble with Aaron for this, but I googled Nora Mill Granary for you and you can buy porridge from their website. I was going to send you some, but you have to have a $9.95 minimum order and we're really broke.
Love you.

sarah cool said...

Jenette, that worked out fine, b/c my day was nuts enough... :) BUT SOON WE WILL KNIT TOGETHER!! ;)