Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I want a new cell phone. I want to go shopping. I want to buy things.

We're broke.

Ok, it's not that bad. I can afford a new cell phone. I could afford some new maternity clothes. I could even afford to go buy a ham tomorrow which I have to do for the dinner at school..... but that's a tangent. But I'm not good at spending money. I like money. It's not that I worry overmuch about money (why worry about what is so fluid anyway?) although I do have my days where I'm all gloom and doom and bankruptcy predicting. I'm just not good at spending money.

My mother in law and sister in law have tried to train me better. They're good at spending money (money that they have, not reckless spending) and have tried to teach me the art of shopping. It's never rubbed off. The only thing I'm good at shopping for is shoes. Shoes don't make you feel fat. Shoes are worth the money spent on them, because you wear them so often. Yeah, I'm good at shopping for shoes. And yarn. I like to shop for yarn. I'm kinda a yarn a holic. I may not knit very well, or even as often as I would like these days, but I'm definitely addicted to yarn. I can shop for yarn.

Anyhow. I really do want a new cell phone. And I get to get one, after the first of December. HOW CAN I WAIT??? Tell me I can do this!

I feel lonely tonight. Very incomplete for some reason. It could be because one of my friends who was visiting left today. That could be it. We're going to say that's it, right?

:) Have a good day! I'm off to watch LOST in 20 minutes.


Misfit Hausfrau said...

I'm with you on shoes!

We've had a difficult adjustment financially with our move from NJ. We're much better off living in a less expensive place, but we are having a hard time adjusting to being paid ONCE A MONTH. I've screwed up the bills a couple of times by going to Target and Meijer one too many times. Now, I put all the bills in the checkbook (they're almost always the same) on the first of the month, transfer money into savings. By the second day of the money, we have what seems like pennies to last us for the rest of the month. BUT, everything is paid!

sarah cool said...

i'm a little brokey brokey, too. I am getting my hair cut and dyed on Tuesday, so this weekend my plan is to raise some funds by 1) selling books to half priced books and 2) selling clothes i don't wear to consignment shops. My closet needs a huge clean out anyway!

sarah cool said...

OK. What are your Sunday plans? Would knitting fit into them at any point? :) :) :)