Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is coming!

Now, I do believe I've stated my bah humbugginess about Christmas, haven't I? I mean, yes,I enjoy it, but not the work up and all the nonsense. I would have to agree with a friend when he made a comment to the effect that we should be nice all year round like we are at Christmas. Why are we nice for a few weeks of the year, and then go back to being people who care more for ourselves than for our fellow man? But, if I wanted this to be a post about how hypocritical I think most of us are, I wouldn't have used the title I did, with the exclamation point.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be bah humbuggy with a 3 year old who GETS Christmas, running around? We have a wall hanging of Santa at the bottom of our stairs (my husband is a big Christmas fan) and Ethan is enthralled with it. Every time we go up or down the stairs, he tells me about Santa and his eight little reindeer and his toys on his back, blah blah blah. And then when we get downstairs, he plays with the creche I have set up. He likes to put all of the figures down at night, so that they can sleep. So every day, I have to set up the figures again. He likes to play with Baby Jesus, and likes to tell me how he is God's son and our gift from God. And then he likes to go over to the Christmas tree and say, "Mommy, here's the present I got you! Open it now!" He doesn't ask where his presents are (we weren't silly enough to put them out yet, not when the kid can read his name on the tags) or ask to open my presents. He wants me to open my presents and to giggle with me as I do it.

I guess there's a reason why people of faith (no matter what faith, I think) are encouraged to be like children in their view of the world. Not an immature view, but a good and generous view. Children have such a pure and simple view of the things we adults make too complicated. So here's to the children of the world. Do you know, young children rarely hold grudges? There are all sorts of psychological reasons for this, but it's a fact. When you get angry with a child and then clear the matter up, they forgive you. And they don't throw past things in your face after they've said they're over it. They move on.

So may we all be like children this season-- and beyond. May we view each other with simplicity and grace. May we look at the world as a place to be explored, taken care of, and cherished. May we love whole heartedly and give others a chance to be nice-- instead of mistrusting them until they give you a reason to trust them. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, whatever your thing!
Let the love in your heart say more than the phrase on your lips! :)

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Martiel said...

Good blog Jenette,

Have a Merry Christmas all year long.