Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Vacation, Vacation!

Well, here I am, in sunny Florida. Oh how wonderful. Now usually, I enjoy the changing of the seasons in Ohio, the shift from fall to winter, etc. But this year in Cincinnati, winter hit with a wham, bam, well, you know the rest. An unusually cold December made me so ready for a vacation to a warmer climate. We spent two days in Georgia, the second so nice that no coats were needed. Then we headed to Florida. Today we all wore short sleeves and played tennis outside. (I'll explain the tennis in a minute, lest anyone think that either I or Aaron are athletically inclined). Ethan and Aaron went shell hunting. I sat out on the screened in porch and read my book all afternoon. Ahhhh.....

Ethan, who is all of three and a half, has more athletic inclination and talent in his left hand than Aaron and I have combined. The child has been playing baseball for over a year now. He can hit the ball at least 50% of the time when it is thrown to him. And he has a decent arm too. He can kick and partly dribble a soccer ball. He loves football. He kicks butt at ping pong when he plays with someone who can actually hit the ball (not me). So when he began asking to play tennis with his Uncle Jon, I wasn't very surprised. One day, in Target, he picked up a racquet and a can of tennis balls and asked to buy them so he could play tennis. We called Uncle Jon instead. :) And so, Uncle Jon got him a tennis racquet for Christmas. So today, we went and bought another cheap racquet and some kid friendly balls. And the three of us went out to play today. Ethan didn't do half bad. He served a few balls. Hit a few. Chased a lot. About as good as you'd expect a three year old to do. But the thing is, we lost interest long before he did. I don't know what to do with the kid. He is interested in so many sports that I just don't have the knowledge to teach him about. Neither does Aaron. I hope he narrows it down some as time goes on :) I refuse to be one of those parents who has an overcommited child at age 6. :)

Going to Gatorland tomorrow. Shall post pictures if I get any good ones! :)

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Martiel said...

I like Tennis, to play some with you guys. I have a racket too just no one to play with. Ethan, will you play a game with me? We can team up agianst your mom and dad and kick butt!