Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Should have included my other best friend, Melissa, in my list of strong women. What an amazing woman! She has been all over the place, from Ohio, to New York, to Ohio again, and finally to Vermont, in the boonies. She even went to the Dominican Republic on a missions trip, something that I am not brave enough to do. Not only is she adventurous beyond belief, but she's so strong minded. And I don't mean that in a bad way. She knows right from wrong, knows what she wants to do, and does it. She doesn't railroad over people, in fact, she's quite loving, but firm about things. As a mommy, there's none better. As a friend, there's none stonger. She persevered through her last year of college, doing clinicals, working, and having a baby and a husband who worked two jobs to keep the household running, and came through it all shining! She had knee surgeries this summer, went around on crutches, and still managed to pack for their upcoming move to Vermont. I have to take a page from her book whenever I feel overwhelmed, because she managed so many things, and yet stayed so sane (for the most part!! ) (Not that she's entirely sane to begin with....)

Mellie, I love you. Sorry I didn't put you with the original strong women!

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