Thursday, December 08, 2005

white death

White Death has hit Cincinnati. For those of you not familiar with it--- SNOW. Yes, give us more than a quarter of an inch, and things get nasty in Cincinnati. For example, it took Aaron three hours to get home tonight. Normally takes him 30 minutes. Yeah. Off the highway, things are nasty. It's really ridiculous. But then Aaron got stuck in our subdivision. He couldn't make it up more than one hill. So I took the Escape (gotten back from the repair shop YESTERDAY!) and went to go get him. Only to find out that he'd gotten stuck in front of the house of the car salesman who sold us the Mazda... and he helped to get Aaron out. Turns out the Mazda 3 has this neat little thing that makes it so that you can pop a little thing out in the front, attach something to it, and wa la, tow it. So he had it hooked to a 4 wheel drive truck by the time I got there to pick him up. I follwed him home, we both made it ok.

Ethan played in the snow for at least 45 minutes. Ahhh... I played in the snow for at least 45 minutes. I love snow. But only to play in. Don't like driving in it. Well, snow isn't bad. It's ice and snow that I hate.

So anyhow, if you're in the Cincinnati area, be careful of the White Death.

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