Saturday, January 07, 2006

Artichokes to NONE, Leeks to all!

I went to Panera this morning for a nice leisurely breakfast with one of my friends. She was late, and I was beginning to get a little shaky from not having eaten since the night before. So when she called to say she was on her way, I told her I was going to get round one of my breakfast so that I was coherent when she arrived.

I chose the spinach and artichoke souffle. I needed the protein. Eggs, cheese, veggies, etc. Ate that, then got a triple berry muffin (mmmm) and some water to eat with my friend.

We sat and talked for an hour or so, making fun of men, griping about stupid things in life, talking about the dress she got, the makeover she was going to go get, the gym I should join since I feel fat (YES, I know I'm pregnant. But you can still feel fat when you're pregnant, when you see those little fat dimples grinning at you from the mirror) and stuff like that.

I live five minutes from Panera. Really. And as I was driving home, I nearly had to pull over to get sick. Figured that the baby didn't like heavy food early in the day.

Until I got home and really really really got sick. Not morning sickness, but SICK. I hate puking.

As I was in the bathroom, the Hethan came and stood outside the door, asking, "Are you going to puke, Mommy?" It is really hard to laugh and throw up at the same time. Really hard. :)

So, after much rest, and keeping chicken noodle soup down, I hereby declare that spinach and artichoke souffles are off limits from here on out. Down with the artichokes! We'll give spinach another chance, and leeks now have a shot in the veggie race. :) Oh, and eggs. Let's not start on the eggs, ok? They're just GONE!


Lisa said...

I love Panera!!

The school musical is Starlight Express, where everyone is on roller skates, so every other practice we have is at Skate Town USA. And today at the beginning of practice we all went around and said our name, favorite place, and favorite fruit/vegetable. I said 3dyc and raspberries, but someone said artichokes and so the title of your post reminded me of this otherwise completely off-topic story...

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, don't blame the artichoke!!!