Friday, January 06, 2006

New template, duh!

I've been feeling very feminine lately. Painting my nails, doing my hair, picking out my clothes with care... Of course, I've also been very grumpy lately. My sister in law says it's because I'm carrying a girl inside of me. We'll find out on January 27th, so til then, keep your speculations at a minimum.

And if I'm moody and feminine feeling, it's because I'm pregnant, darnit. The whole world should bow at my feet in honor of the miracle that is child bearing. HA! Ok, so I don't really feel that way. Not all the time anyhow. Just when I'm doing laundry. Or cooking meat that makes me want to barf. Or soaking in the tub with candles all around me. So there.

And if I crave Milky Bars (white chocolate bars which can be bought at Jungle Jim's, from the Australian section, hint hint hint) to the point of becoming irrational, well, that's just too bad. Because I'm pregnant. And I have indigestion if I eat, or don't eat. And Milky Bars magically make that indigestion go away.

And if I change my blog template to a prissy pink thing that I normally wouldn't choose, since I gravitate more towards earthy tones and blues and greens, well, it's because I'm feeling feminine gosh dang it, and what's more feminine than a totally pink template?

And if I get mad at people just for breathing, well, they should go do it somewhere else. Because I can smell the onions they had two days ago on their breath. I am a Super Smeller (similar to a Super Taster, as found on They Might Be Giants cd "NO!") and I smell all. Why? Because I'm pregnant!

Oh dear. I sense an attitude coming upon me. Might be time for ice cream. Off I go.


Always Ashley said...

I have another blog!!!!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I was a super smeller with my first baby. Not at all with the second.

It is perfectly OK to be feeling the way you do. And eating Milky Bars. Hmm, wish I had known about Milky Bars...

BTW--I would like to solicit your opinion on some of the local preschools. Could you email me? dawnanh at yahoo dot com.


Anonymous said...

such a bright pink makes your template really difficult to read while i'm at work. :) if that is what the new kid is craving, maybe you are having a mini out!