Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Racquetball in the house

Can I just say that sometimes I doubt mine and Aaron's abilities as parents?

So Aaron went out today and bought a racquet and balls for racquetball with me. I was quite thrilled by this, since I love playing racquetball, and now that we are members of the Y, I can play racquetball. Well, he brought his racquet and balls into the house. You may all remember that Hethan is quite fascinated by anything to do with sports. This was no exception. So I went to the garage and got out my two racquets. I gave one to Ethan. He and I proceded to hit the ball with our racquets. Inside.

Then Aaron joined in. Now, hitting with Hethan is one thing. I mean, the kid has aim and all, but not as much power as an adult. Aaron has power, but not a whole lot of aim. And I just have an instinct to hit the ball if it comes near me.

After we said, "We really shouldn't be doing this," we hit the ball to each other. The first time was ok. The second time, it bounced off the couch. The third time. Well, it kinda bounced into the fireplace tools... and we sorta decided that it might be wise to stop there. So we did. But not Hethan wants to play "living room racquetball" again. Sigh.


Chad Burdette said...


Next time I am in twon and stay with you guys I will bring my racquet and rec specs...GAME ON!!

sarah cool said...

hahahahahaha... I WANT TO PLAY AS WELLL!!!!!! I'll fit right in with your group... "power with no aim... instinct to just hit the ball if it comes near you..." I fit somewhere in with that. :-)

Kris said...

i don't know why i never thought of that...why even drive to the gym when you can play in the living room! :)

Kris said...
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Catie said...

Isn't that always the way it works. I feel the exact same way!!! LOL

Shannon Wagers said...

Aarons a much better aim with a paintball gun.