Monday, February 27, 2006

Ear Connections

Quotes from Ethan:

1. To the doctor: "I have a fever and probably and ear connection."
2. To his father and I, when playing with Larry the Cucumber and putting Larry's eyes in upside down: "Larry has an eye connection."
3. On the new gas station that was built down the road, "See, I'm right, they were building a gas station." Every time we pass it. Every. Time.

Weekend passed. Went to an auction. Nothin much there of interest to me. Figured I shouldn't buy a horse, not really. The farm that was up for auction was neat though. Neat old house. Neat barns. Got a few neat cookbooks to replace a few others that got mildewed a while back. Happiness abounds.

Into short sentences today. My thoughts are short today. Oh well.


Kris said...

my sister used to say she had an 'easter egg' in her ear. not sure where she picked that up.

Always Ashley said...

I love your kid-he's hilarious

Anonymous said...

I love your kid too, somehow he reminds me of you:) hah! paybacks:)