Sunday, February 12, 2006


I took the camera to Georgia. My intent was to take a picture of some land that my grandma owns and is contemplating selling. We (I) am interested in buying the land and building on it, since it already has electric, water, etc. hooked up. But yesterday was a grey nasty day. Not good for taking pictures. Today, well, as you'll see from the picture (should it deign to open) it's a beautiful day, but we aren't going anywhere. There is at least 2 inches of snow on the ground, with more falling. For my contemporaries in places like Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Antarctica, I know it doesn't sound like much. But yesterday, it also sleeted and rained, making a nice layer of ice on the roads. Snow plows are not plentiful in the county. Mountain roads can be treacherous with just a bit of snow, let alone a few inches.

I wanted to share the beauty of the snow here. I'm trying to put a picture of the old red truck that my grandpa used to drive, covered with snow on here. It is a neat picture.

And then there's the Hethan, whom I am missing terribly at this point. He sang me happy birthday on the phone last night, with no coaching. I'll get to see him tomorrow, barring any bad weather. I found a picture of him on the camera and thought I'd post it. It's classic Hethan-- sprawled out on our bed (our messy unmade bed), cheesing for the camera, while loving on Joe the Cat. It makes me miss him.

But it's the unexpected Reasons for smiling that make life worth the living. Enjoy the snow, and of course, tell me how cute and handsome my boy is :)

***** Pictures will not load, will try later******


Misfit Hausfrau said...

I'll bet tomorrow will be such a happy day to see Hethan!!!

Catie said...

Oh wow hon!!! I can't beleive I missed your birthday seeing as how it is the same as Sami's!! Happy Birthday sweety!! Give everyone a hug for me when you get home!! I love you!!

Kris said...

A thought on your unmade bed comment...
I actually like to make the is a small room and just making the bed seems to make it look instantly cleaner, even if i don't pick up anything else.
however, dwight must have some kind of radar for a made bed and the first thing he wants to do is take a flying leap onto it and mess it up. is that what having a 2 year old is like?

Dana said...

Your son is precious. (Cute kitty, too). Your picture of the snow and red truck reminded me of being back home (Colorado)...and for a brief second, I was wisped away to being wrapped in scarfs and mittens, drinking hot cocoa.

Thanks...I needed that.

Jack's Raging Mommy said...

Just curious as to what part of N. GA. you were from. I used to live in Stephens and Habersham Counties. (Honestly not trying to be stalker-ish)