Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Have you ever seen that book, Tuesday ? It's a neat book. There are only about four words in the entire book. The rest is just pictures, and you can tell as much of the story as you want to when you read it to your child. The neat thing is, when you point out the details, your child is just as likely to point out other details to you, making the story so rich. It gets to the point where children tell you the story instead of you telling them the story. I love it.

Thinking about the ways that the book can be read and enjoyed remind me so much of life. The details are what matter, aren't they? The details are what can tell the story. Yet, even without mentioning all of the details, a story can be interesting, sometimes more so. If there's an obvious detail that causes you to wonder about other details that aren't obvious, it opens up so many more pages in your life's book.

I like life. I don't always understand it. The details of the details sometimes bog me down. But ultimately, I enjoy life. I am enjoying telling my story, writing and illustrating my book. Some chapters are harder to write than others. Some chapters don't make a whole lot of sense, even if they are fun to write. Some chapters just end up being a good illustration without any words-- the picture speaks for itself.

I enjoy the analogy of being the author for my own book of life. More so than the analogy of being the captain of my own ship. Don't want to be compared to a ship. Too afraid it would be a whaling ship. :)

And on a personal note: Chad-- you don't think my use of my breast milk on Sunday would have been beneficial? Nothing like using your bodily fluids as a weapon, right??? :):)

Oh, and I've started a new blog. http://www.healingmoments.blogspot.com I needed an outlet for my grief. So I'll try to keep Musings somewhat lighthearted, with everyday stuff. And Healing Moments are the things I can't talk about, but I can write about.


Chad Burdette said...

All I have to say is something I learned from the movie "THE ATOMIC CAFE" ---DUCK and COVER

Dana said...

Healing Moments comment:

Neither of you will be truly alone. God is with you both.

You both need some time to sort through this...time alone is great therapy for a man. You need your family, he needs time alone. If he needs you, he can call.

You are in my thoughts...

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. There is nothing quite like family at a time like this. Mine drive me nuts, but I can't imagine going through tough times without them.

I think it's a great idea that you have another blog. Whatever helps you to ease your sadness, if even for a few minutes at a time.