Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Strep o Strep

Ethan had strep throat a few weeks ago. Got him on antibiotics quickly, zapped the infection. HE GOT IT AGAIN!!! And gave it to me!!! He was done with his antibiotics (and yes, we gave him every single dose) and was strep free for a week before it came back. So he's now on Omnicef. And I'm on Amoxycillin. Mmmm... horse pills.....

So here at the house of the Hethan, things have been fairly laid back. Wait. No, that's not true. Yesterday, though I felt like dog doo doo, I organized my closet, rearranged the living room, went grocery shopping, did laundry, took Ethan to the doctor, made my doctor's appointment, made banana bread, cooked supper, and had Bible Study for my teenage girls at my house. Aaron said I accomplish more when I'm sick. It's true. I feel guilty for staying home. So today (2nd day off of work, due to infectiousness) I re-rearranged the living room, went to the doctor's, cleaned all the mirrors and windows, took Aaron's car to the tire place, got my prescription, helped Ethan plant some seeds in little pots, took Ethan to see Chicken Little (he's feeling a heap better, the little Hethan!!), and spent quality time with my husband.

Whew! I am WORN OUT! And my tonsils are still swollen. My neck still hurts. My ear still itches. I'm ready for the amoxycillin to be making a difference now. Really. I am.

And now I want chocolate. Aaron and I are doing these marriage exercises together, in which we have monologues about certain time periods of our lives. Tonight it was my night to address the years of my life which included my parent's divorce. And though it's been 12 years, I still found myself somewhat emotional about it. Then Aaron made the observation that I've had a lot of surrogate families. He's right. It's an intersting observation, and is perhaps the reason why I enjoy reaching out to others and forming new friendships/relationships. It's all good.

And now. To watch. The Unit. And seek. Chocolate. I really really really want Dove chocolate. Sigh. Ice cream will have to suffice, I suppose. :)


Always Ashley said...

Hey Jenette-
If he was on the Anti-B's for less than 14-21 days, it probably never got better. Em got sinus infections all the time, and what it was, was that they'd get it treated to the point that the symptoms went away, but some the mean bacterias (the strongest ones) were still there. Also, with strep, if he gets it alot (like Em also did) get him checked when he's feeling fine, becuase there is such a thing as a "strep-carrier" they ALWAYS show up positive.

Kris said...

was it chocolate ice cream?
at least you are getting a break from those little 'ankle biters' at school.
sometimes i wish i could get sick and have to stay home...but i usually end up here anyway. i know i know, i should be thankful i don't usually get anything worse than a cold. and i am. but i am also tired of being at work...