Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hot Nose

The scene: Waaaay past bedtime. The Hethan has let loose a cry for help from upstairs. Mommy takes the call this time.

"Mommy, my nose is hot inside."

"Your nose is hot?"

"Yes, it feels like it is burning."

"Why does your nose feel hot on the inside?"

"I burned it."

"How did you burn your nose on the inside?"

"With my flashlight."

Pause. Questioning look from Mommy.

"I stuck it up my nose."

It was a struggle not to die of laughter.

This morning: Mommy and Daddy are discussing last night's tv whilst dressing the Hethan. Discussing How I Met Your Mother:

Mommy: "I've been thinking."
Daddy: "About how long Ted is going to stick with Robin?"
Mommy (laughing): "Well, no, but..."
Hethan: "Stick with Robin? Who's Robin?"
Daddy: "It's a TV show that you don't watch, Hethan."
Hethan: "Robin from Batman and Robin?"

I didn't know he watched Batman and Robin.


Cmommy said...

Ok, the 'flashlight up the nose' is a new one! I've seen 'peas up the nose' and have heard of various others! Bless him! :-)C

Chris said...

That's almost like the time I stuck a flashlight in my ear and saw through to the other side. Wait...

Anonymous said...

yeah ... dying of laughter here too ... Tyler appreciates the humor ... :P

I can see our kids doing that someday too ...

ahh ... joyous parenthood :P

Martiel said...

either a small flashlight or a big nose? All I could picture is one of those Mag-lights! LOL

Chris said...

Ok, so I'm going to ask the inevitable question: Which side of the family does he get that from?

(I have my suspicions!)

Emily said...

That was great! So sounds like something Alex or Ty would do. I guess it's a family thing:) I really don't know how you just didn't die laughing. You must be a better mom than me since I lost it on "it's my good coloring finger!" Oh well.

Chad Burdette said...

Obviously time to start the kid collecting comics...

Nick said...

I honestly have to admit, I've done the flashlight thing as well, and after the age of 20.

It gets worse when you have very high output flashlights.....