Sunday, May 07, 2006


Ok, so I was going to go to Georgia this weekend, just a quick overnight trip because I missed my Mommy and the rest of my family. But doncha know, the kiddo's allergies flared up, and a sick boy we had on our hands. So I was a lot bummed about this turn of events. UNTIL!!!

Saturday, we worked outside! Aaron and I tilled a plot of land for our summer garden. Now, if you've never rototilled, let me say it is not for the weak of body. I'm a strong little booger, and I couldn't control the machine. I ended up being "rock girl," the chick who stands there with a shovel and digs out the rocks that the blades are hitting. I've always been good at grunt work. :) After we got tired of tilling, we decided to go to Home Depot for a few things... and I was seduced by the plants... no fear Madre, I will still be buying plants when I get down home, but the cute little azaleas and huge rhodie, well, they were irresistable.

I had a vision for an expanded flower bed where I had planted a few things previously. This vision involved rocks. Lots of rocks. Fortunately, I had rocks galore from the previous owners, who seemed to have stacked up rocks around a tree and then cemented them.... dunno.... Annnnyhow. I have started (it is by NO means finished) my first official landscaping project. I've begun building the wall and have the plants laid out. Now, building a rock wall isn't that easy either. You can't just sit the rocks there and hope they'll stay. No, you have to seat some of them in there, make them level if they're not the same size, etc. This involves digging. Which makes your arms ache, but in a good way.

Anyhow. I'm happily sunburned on the back of my neck (I've never had long hair before, and pulled it up while working outside, forgot the sunblock there...) and my tendons in my arms ache. My back is a bit sore from digging and hauling rocks, but what a good ache it all is! And best of all, my yard is starting to look like I live there! Happiness abounds. At least happiness in the yard!

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Madre said...

You can seldom have too many plants:) and I understand the seduction... Remember on your rock wall to start at the lowest point in your ground and build up. Otherwise you will have a rock wall that takes a LOT more digging to make it level. When you come down, if you are not sure you know what I mean, I will show you..You might want to consider the purchase of a Mantis tiller too, it is small enough for us to handle but does as much work as the bigger ones for your size area... do NOT cut anymore on your forsythia except with care, or you will cut off next years blooms. You will most likely need to add acidic food for the azaleas and rhodies. The soil up there is more alkiline than they really like. Do you need a room for the wedding? Dennis has a motel where we can get decent rates. Call and let me know, ok? Mom